descriptionThe Random Ball Cover (RBC) data structure for nearest neighbor search on GPUs.
ownerLawrence Cayton
last changeFri, 7 Oct 2011 12:18:15 +0000 (14:18 +0200)
2011-10-07 Lawrence Caytonupdated text files master v0.2.6
2011-10-07 Lawrence Caytonminor bug fixes, updated readme
2011-06-30 Lawrence Caytonminor tidyup for release; help v0.2.5
2011-06-30 Lawrence Caytonfixed bug in driver related to text input; fixed bugs...
2011-05-11 Lawrence Caytonupdated readme
2011-05-11 Lawrence Caytonchanged default dist to l2
2011-05-09 Lawrence Caytonbug fix: sizeOfMat now works on large matrices
2011-05-02 Lawrence Caytonchanged constant from K to KMAX
2011-04-21 Lawrence Caytonminor cleanup, ready for release
2011-04-10 Lawrence Caytonupdated readme
2011-04-06 Lawrence Caytonimproved driver
2011-04-05 Lawrence Caytoncleaned up driver
2011-04-05 Lawrence Caytoncaught host memory leak
2011-04-05 Lawrence Caytoncaught device memory leak
2011-02-04 Lawrence Caytonupdated NN functions so that they return the distances...
2011-02-03 Lawrence Caytonchanged unsigned int type
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