2015-01-03 Andre NollAssorted typo fixes in comments.
2015-01-03 Andre Nollstring.c: Kill pointless initialization.
2015-01-03 Andre Nollinteractive.c: Kill pointless initialization.
2014-09-13 Andre NollRemove stale sentence about the logo.
2014-09-13 Andre NollReplace URL and email address.
2014-08-25 Andre NollAdd new logo.
2014-08-11 Andre NollMove adu_strerror() to adu.c.
2014-08-11 Andre NollRemove VSPRINTF.
2014-08-11 Andre NollMove adu_isspace() to interactive.c.
2014-08-11 Andre Nolladu.ggo: Remove unused --config-file option.
2014-08-11 Andre Nollinteractive.c: Return proper error on icom_set() failure.
2013-08-05 Andre NollPrint directory name on create errors.
2013-06-09 Andre NollFix user summary accounting if pattern is given.
2013-06-09 Andre NollAvoid gcc warning.
2012-06-25 Andre Nollformat.c: Remove an unused variable.
2012-06-25 Andre Nollsplit_args(): Do not insist on checking the return...
2012-06-25 Andre NollFix check for return value of catch_signal().
2012-06-25 Andre NollMakefile: Honor CPPFLAGS also when creating dependencies.
2012-06-25 Andre Nollfd.c: Make __chdir() static.
2012-02-23 Andre NollFix signal handling.
2011-01-22 Andre NollMinor help text improvements.
2011-01-22 Andre NollFix typo in comment.
2011-01-21 Andre Nolladu-0.1.0. maint v0.1.0
2010-08-13 Andre NollMakefile: Remove -lcrypto.
2009-11-05 Andre NollRevert "Use ?:= as the assignement operator for PREFIX."
2009-11-02 Andre NollUse ?:= as the assignement operator for PREFIX.
2009-11-02 Andre NollSet CC to gcc by default.
2009-11-02 Andre NollReplace hard-coded gcc by $(CC) in Makefile.deps target.
2009-08-24 Andre NollAdd wrapper for isspace() which is needed for NetBSD.
2009-08-21 Andre NollTransform the database_dir/database_root arg into an...
2009-08-21 Andre NollINSTALL: Link to the new osl web page rather than to...
2009-08-05 Christina WassermannFix typo.
2009-06-15 Andre NollDocumenatation improvements.
2009-06-08 Andre NollIncrease width of uid column to 6.
2009-05-08 Andre NollAdd an example to README.
2009-05-08 Andre NollINSTALL: Add a link to the public git repo.
2009-04-24 Andre NollMerge commit 'athcx/bloom'
2009-04-19 Andre NollFix another typo.
2009-04-10 Andre NollFix typo.
2009-02-11 Andre NollImplement --trailer select option.
2009-02-10 Andre NollMerge commit 'fml/master'
2009-02-05 Sebastian Starkremove paraslash relict in comment
2009-02-05 Sebastian Starkflush output after each command in interactive mode.
2009-02-05 Sebastian Starkadd simple install target for adu and adu.1
2009-02-04 Sebastian Starknew option database-root
2008-12-25 Andre NollMerge branch 'master' into bloom
2008-12-25 Andre NollMake user.c independent of command line options.
2008-12-25 Andre NollMerge branch 'master' into bloom
2008-12-25 Andre NollRemove unused option --config-file.
2008-12-25 Andre Nollbloom.c: Remove some unneccessary includes.
2008-12-25 Andre NollAdd source code documentation for bloom_insert().
2008-12-24 Andre NollRename bloom_test_and_insert() to bloom_insert().
2008-12-24 Andre NollRename bloom_init() to bloom_new().
2008-12-24 Andre Nollbloom: Add some source documentation.
2008-12-24 Andre NollMerge branch 'master' into bloom
2008-12-24 Andre NollDocument the stat64 compatibility fix.
2008-12-23 Andre NollMerge branch 'master' into bloom
2008-12-23 Andre NollMake it compile on FreeBSD and NetBSD.
2008-12-21 Andre NollFirst draft of hard link detection via bloom filters.
2008-12-17 Andre NollFix a design bug concerning struct user_info.
2008-11-22 Andre Nollprint_complete_help_and_die() does not return.
2008-11-22 Andre NollMerge commit 'fml/master'
2008-11-12 Andre NollSome more source code documentation.
2008-11-12 Andre NollAdd documentation of parse_select_options().
2008-11-12 Andre NollFix a compiler warning.
2008-11-11 Andre NollAdd documentation of DEFINE_ERRLIST.
2008-11-11 Andre NollStart writing the mainpage for the API reference.
2008-11-11 Andre NollAdd yet more source code documentation.
2008-11-11 Andre NollAdd some more souce code documentation.
2008-11-11 Andre NollMake close_all_tables() static.
2008-11-10 Andre NollMerge commit 'fml/master'
2008-11-10 Andre Nollstring.c: Replace "paralash" by "adu" in source code...
2008-11-10 Andre NollAdd source code documentation for run_select_query...
2008-11-10 Andre NollAdd missing source code documentation of user.c.
2008-11-10 Andre Nolladu-0.0.5. v0.0.5
2008-11-10 Andre NollMerge commit 'meins/master'
2008-11-10 Andre NollAdd documentation of the enhancments to --output.
2008-11-10 Andre NollAdd \brief command to file header to make doxygen happy.
2008-11-10 Andre NollRemove sha1.c
2008-11-10 Andre Nolluser.c: Add some more source code documentation.
2008-11-10 Andre NollAdd copyright header and COPYING file.
2008-11-09 Andre NollCosmetic cleanups.
2008-11-09 Andre NollRemove duplicate whitespaces in documentation.
2008-11-09 Andre NollImplement pattern matching for select mode.
2008-11-09 Andre NollMinor documentation updates/fixes/improvements.
2008-11-09 Andre NollMake the header line configurable.
2008-11-09 Andre Nollformat.c: Return an empty buffer for empty format strin...
2008-11-09 Andre NollRename short option -L to -l.
2008-11-09 Andre NollMake --limit work also for the user summary.
2008-11-09 Andre Nollcompute_user_summary does not need any private data.
2008-11-09 Andre NollFix sorting of the uid hash table.
2008-11-09 Andre NollMake the summary comparators non-static.
2008-11-09 Andre NollImplement the new interactive command "source".
2008-11-09 Andre NollFix a typo in interactive.c.
2008-11-09 Andre NollMake user_summary the default select mode.
2008-11-09 Andre NollDo not close tables on each query.
2008-11-09 Andre NollIncrease default loglevel to 4 (WARN).
2008-11-08 Andre NollFix segfault in select mode if --uid was given.
2008-11-08 Andre NollFix a couple of gengetopt-related memory leaks.
2008-11-08 Andre NollUser handling improvments.