Merge branch 'refs/heads/t/help-a' into pu
[gsu.git] / subcommand
2019-03-24 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/help-a' into pu pu
2019-03-24 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/multiple-config-files' into pu
2019-03-24 Andre Nollsubcommand: Don't print error messages to stdout.
2018-12-20 Andre Nollhelp-a
2018-12-20 Andre NollSimplify arithmetic evaluation.
2018-07-19 Andre Nollman: Make "roff" the default output mode.
2018-02-17 Andre Nollcom_prefs(): Add missing space character.
2017-11-30 Andre NollFall back to filename completion if no completer is...
2017-11-30 Andre Nollsubcommand: Fix and document return value of gsu_comple...
2017-11-30 Andre Nollsubcommand: Implement roff and html output for com_man().
2017-11-06 Andre Nollsubcommand: Declare $opt as local.
2017-11-06 Andre NollFix gsu_cword_is_option_parameter().
2017-10-07 Andre NollAdd some missing double quotes.
2017-10-07 Andre Nollsubcommand: Fix some format string issues.
2017-10-07 Andre NollRemove some unused local variables.
2017-04-17 Andre Nollsubcommand: Use pager for man output if possible.
2017-04-17 Andre Nollsubcommand: Make help text variables private.
2017-04-15 Andre Nollsubcommand: Move up gsu_getopts().
2017-04-15 Andre Nollsubcommand: Move gsu_check_arg_count().
2017-04-15 Andre Nollsubcommand: Do not duplicate options to com_prefs().
2017-04-15 Andre Nollsubcommand: Get rid of global $gsu_cmds.
2017-04-15 Andre Nollsubcommand: Simplify gsu().
2017-04-15 Andre Nollsubcommand: Fix identation of code in com_man().
2017-04-15 Andre Nollsubcommand: Kill stray "cmt".
2017-04-15 Andre Nollsubcommand: Use POSIX compatible command regex.
2015-03-03 Andre Nollsubcommand: Avoid referencing possibly undefined $ret.
2015-03-03 Andre Noll_gsu_print_available_commands(): Don't abort if set...
2014-11-07 Andre NollAdd license.
2014-11-07 Andre Nollsubcommand: Add documentation of gsu_complete_options().
2014-11-07 Andre Nollsubcommand: Fix two typos.
2014-09-27 Andre NollMerge branch 't/kill_pointless_subshell'
2014-09-27 Andre NollMerge branch 't/default_gsu_dir'
2014-09-27 Andre NollMerge branch 't/arithmetic_eval'
2014-09-20 Andre NollMerge branch 't/kill_gsu_self'
2014-09-13 Andre NollUse modern style arithmetic evaluation everwhere.
2014-09-02 Andre NollFix _gsu_banner_msg().
2014-09-02 Andre NollUnify gsu_dir handling.
2014-08-31 Andre NollRemove $_gsu_self.
2014-08-30 Andre Nollsubcommand: Overhaul _gsu_print_available_commands().
2014-08-30 Andre NollMove all files to the top level directory.