Merged Generalized Loop Correction code kindly provided by Siamak Ravanbakhsh
[libdai.git] / AUTHORS
1 libDAI was written by Joris M. Mooij with the help of the following people:
3 Martijn Leisink (laid down the foundations for the library),
4 Frederik Eaton (contributed the Gibbs sampler, conditioned BP, fractional BP and various other improvements),
5 Charles Vaske (contributed the parameter learning algorithms),
6 Siamak Ravanbakhsh (contributed the generalized loop corrections code),
7 Giuseppe Passino (contributed the findMaximum function, and various other improvements),
8 Bastian Wemmenhove (contributed the MR algorithm),
9 Patrick Pletscher (contributed the SWIG interface).
11 Smaller contributions (bug fixes and miscellaneous smaller patches) have been made by:
12 Claudio Lima, Christian Wojek, Sebastian Nowozin, Stefano Pellegrini, Ofer Meshi,
13 Dan Preston, Peter Gober, Jiuxiang Hu, Peter Rockett, Dhruv Batra, Alexander Schwing,
14 Alejandro Lage, Matt Dunham, Laurens van der Maaten, Jerome Maye, Priya, Hynek Urban,
15 Avneesh Saluja, Thomas Mensink.
17 Part of this work was part of the Interactive Collaborative Information Systems (ICIS)
18 project, supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, grant BSIK03024. The
19 Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, is one of the copyright holders.