Fixed compilation problem in BBP under gcc 3.4
[libdai.git] / include /
2009-11-16 Joris MooijFixed compilation problem in BBP under gcc 3.4
2009-11-16 Joris MooijSome small bug fixes
2009-11-16 Joris MooijUpdated ChangeLog and added some backwards compatibilit...
2009-11-16 Joris MooijReplaced VarSet::calcState(),VarSet::calcStates() by...
2009-11-16 Joris MooijImproved documentation
2009-11-15 Joris MooijSome documentation improvements
2009-11-12 Joris MooijSeveral improvements:
2009-11-12 Joris MooijDocumented all exceptions and did some general cleanups
2009-11-11 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/emalg.h
2009-11-11 Joris MooijWorking on documentation of include/dai/emalg.h
2009-11-11 Joris MooijImproved error messages of Evidence::addEvidenceTabFile
2009-11-11 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/evidence.h
2009-11-10 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/cbp.h
2009-11-10 Joris MooijCleaned up BBP and improved documentation of include...
2009-11-10 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/bp_dual.h
2009-11-10 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/gibbs.h
2009-11-10 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/mr.h
2009-11-10 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/lc.h
2009-11-09 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/treeep.h
2009-11-09 Joris MooijAdded GPL license text to doxygen documentation
2009-11-09 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/hak.h
2009-11-05 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/jtree.h and did...
2009-11-05 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/bp.h
2009-11-03 Joris MooijExtended InfAlg interface with setProperties(), getProp...
2009-11-03 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/mf.h
2009-11-03 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/exactinf.h
2009-11-03 Joris MooijFixed regressions in SWIG code
2009-11-03 Joris MooijDeclared class Diffs as obsolete
2009-11-03 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/alldai.h and...
2009-11-03 Joris MooijLittle additional improvement of documentation of inclu...
2009-11-03 Joris MooijRemoved DAI_ACCMUT macro and improved documentation...
2009-10-30 Joris MooijSome cleanups of include/dai/prob.h
2009-10-29 Joris MooijCleanup of include/dai/factor.h
2009-10-29 Joris MooijCleaned up TProb<T> and some misc other stuff, improved...
2009-10-28 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/properties.h
2009-10-27 Joris MooijFixed const qualifiers in VarSet
2009-10-27 Joris MooijReplaced doubles by Reals, fixed two bugs
2009-10-26 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/regiongraph.h...
2009-10-26 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/clustergraph.h
2009-10-22 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/factorgraph.h
2009-10-21 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/weightedgraph.h
2009-10-20 Joris MooijImproved documentation of factor.h
2009-10-19 Joris MooijImproved documentation of include/dai/index.h
2009-10-19 Joris MooijDocumentation improvement, interface changes and new...
2009-10-19 Joris MooijRestored TProb<T>::makeZero, TProb<T>::makePositive...
2009-10-19 Joris MooijVarious cleanups and documentation improvements for...
2009-10-16 Joris MooijFixed bug in BipartiteGraph::eraseEdge and improved...
2009-10-13 Joris MooijMerge branch 'pletscher'
2009-10-09 Joris MooijAdded init parameter to HAK/GBP to allow for random...
2009-09-24 Joris MooijReplaced the standard assert() macro by DAI_ASSERT
2009-09-24 Joris MooijIntroduced CCNODEBUGFLAGS in Makefile and added a const...
2009-09-16 Joris MooijUpdated copyright headers
2009-09-15 Joris MooijAdded max-product functionality to JTree
2009-09-14 Joris MooijFixed two regressions
2009-09-08 Joris MooijFixed tabs and trailing whitespaces
2009-09-08 Joris MooijFixed regression in TProb<T>
2009-09-08 Joris MooijImproved coding style of recent changes by Charlie...
2009-09-08 Joris MooijMerge branch 'vaskeEmFix' of git://
2009-09-08 Joris MooijSmall documentation improvements
2009-09-07 Joris MooijVarious fixes
2009-09-07 Joris MooijCleaned up error handling by introducing the DAI_THROWE...
2009-09-04 Joris MooijIntroduced DAI_DEBASSERT macro to abbreviate a common...
2009-09-02 Joris MooijChanged FactorGraph::clamp and DAIAlg::clamp interfaces
2009-08-15 Charles VaskeEM bugfix. Convenience methods in Factor, Permute,...
2009-08-06 Joris MooijFixed clean_updates bug in BBP by commenting out this...
2009-08-04 Joris MooijMerge branch 'eaton'
2009-08-04 Joris MooijAdded CBP to README and to doxygen front page.
2009-08-04 Joris MooijUpdated ChangeLog
2009-08-04 Joris MooijCleanup of CBP code
2009-08-04 Joris MooijEven more cleanup of BBP code
2009-08-03 Joris MooijCleanup of BBP code
2009-07-31 Joris MooijCleanup of BP_dual code
2009-07-31 Joris MooijMarked the backwards compatibility edge interface of...
2009-07-31 Joris MooijVarious cleanups
2009-07-29 Joris MooijMerge branch 'vaske'
2009-07-29 Joris MooijImproved documentation and coding style of EM code
2009-07-28 Joris MooijFixed bug in MaxSpanningTree
2009-07-28 Joris MooijPolished EM code
2009-07-21 Joris MooijFixed testem failure caused by rounding error
2009-07-20 Joris MooijRemoved all the virtual default constructors *::create...
2009-07-20 Joris MooijAdded BipartiteGraph::eraseEdge and some small cleanup
2009-07-17 Joris MooijCleaned up part of BP code
2009-07-17 Joris MooijImprovements of TFactor<T>
2009-07-16 Joris MooijRenamed SampleData->Observation, changed Observation...
2009-07-13 Joris MooijAdded EM code by Charlie Vaske (and cleaned up the...
2009-06-30 Charlie VaskeFull command line inference and tests
2009-06-29 Charlie VaskeFirst working version of EM
2009-06-08 Joris MooijFixed FTBFS bug on Windows
2009-06-06 Joris MooijFixed a Windows build issue
2009-06-01 Joris Mooij[Frederik Eaton] Major cleanup of BBP and CBP code...
2009-06-01 Joris Mooij[Frederik Eaton] Improved bp_dual
2009-06-01 Joris Mooij[Frederik Eaton] Several small changes
2009-05-25 Joris Mooij[Frederik Eaton] Improved documentation of BipartiteGra...
2009-05-25 Joris Mooij- [Frederik Eaton]: Misc smaller changes
2009-05-04 Joris MooijAdded workaround for bug in Boost Graph Library
2009-03-09 Joris MooijTwo tiny improvements
2009-03-06 Joris MooijImprovements to BP_dual code
2009-03-04 Joris MooijSome improvements to the new BP_dual/BBP/CBP code to...
2009-03-03 Joris Mooij[Frederik Eaton] Added BP_Dual, BBP and CBP algorithms
2009-03-03 Joris Mooij[Patrick Pletscher] Fixed typo in TProb::abs()