Added GraphAL unit tests, fixed 6 bugs in GraphAL and added functionality:
[libdai.git] / src / bipgraph.cpp
2010-03-22 Joris MooijAdded GraphAL unit tests, fixed 6 bugs in GraphAL and...
2010-02-11 Joris MooijFinished release 0.2.4 v0.2.4
2010-01-13 Joris MooijReverted BipartiteGraph::isConnected to old implementation
2010-01-12 Joris MooijRenamed some functions of BipartiteGraph
2010-01-12 Joris MooijOptimized BipartiteGraph::isConnected() by using Boost...
2009-10-16 Joris MooijFixed bug in BipartiteGraph::eraseEdge and improved...
2009-10-13 Joris MooijMerge branch 'pletscher'
2009-09-24 Joris MooijReplaced the standard assert() macro by DAI_ASSERT
2009-09-16 Joris MooijUpdated copyright headers
2009-09-08 Joris MooijFixed tabs and trailing whitespaces
2009-03-02 Joris MooijMerge branch 'joris'
2008-11-14 Joris MooijMerge branch 'master' into gibbs
2008-11-14 Joris MooijSome small changes
2008-09-30 Joris MooijUpdated copyrights
2008-09-26 Joris MooijFixed previous partial commit which left everything...
2008-09-22 Joris MooijSmall doc changes
2008-09-15 Joris MooijFixed nasty bug in BipartiteGraph::erase1 and erase2