Moved platform independent build options into Makefile.ALL and documented tests/testdai
[libdai.git] / tests / testdai.cpp
2010-02-04 Joris MooijMoved platform independent build options into Makefile...
2010-01-22 Joris MooijMerge branch 'master' of
2010-01-15 Joris MooijMade alias support official part of the library
2010-01-15 Joris MooijMoved alias code from tests/testdai.cpp to src/alldai.cpp
2009-12-30 Joris MooijFixed bug in HAK and changed tests/testdai "marginals...
2009-11-16 Joris MooijSome small bug fixes
2009-10-27 Joris MooijReplaced doubles by Reals, fixed two bugs
2009-09-16 Joris MooijUpdated copyright headers
2009-09-08 Joris MooijFixed tabs and trailing whitespaces
2009-09-08 Joris MooijMerge branch 'vaskeEmFix' of git://
2009-09-07 Joris MooijCleaned up error handling by introducing the DAI_THROWE...
2009-08-04 Joris MooijMerge branch 'eaton'
2009-07-29 Joris MooijMerge branch 'vaske'
2009-07-20 Joris MooijAdded BipartiteGraph::eraseEdge and some small cleanup
2009-03-11 Joris MooijSmall improvement to testdai warning message of previou...
2009-03-11 Joris Mooij[Frederik Eaton] Change testdai help message to warn...
2009-03-04 Joris MooijSome improvements to the new BP_dual/BBP/CBP code to...
2009-03-03 Joris MooijMerge branch 'eaton'
2009-03-02 Joris MooijMerge branch 'joris'
2009-02-09 Joris MooijFixed exception handling in tests/testdai
2008-11-14 Joris MooijMerge branch 'master' into gibbs
2008-11-14 Joris MooijSome small changes
2008-10-15 Joris MooijChanged regression test so that it also works under...
2008-09-30 Joris MooijMisc changes