build: Bail out early if m4 or lex don't exist.
[lopsub.git] / Makefile
2021-04-28 Andre Nollbuild: Bail out early if m4 or lex don't exist.
2021-04-26 Andre Nollbuild: Remove duplicate -g in cc command.
2020-07-07 Andre Nollbuild: Avoid "html" rule with empty recipe.
2020-07-07 Andre NollFix build target www.
2019-12-02 Chris LambMake the build reproducible.
2019-07-13 Andre NollMakefile: Get rid of superfluous '+' character in date.
2019-06-05 Chris LambDon't embed compile-time timestamps into generated...
2019-05-17 Andre NollMerge branches 't/debian', 't/dynamic-lib', 't/lls_chec...
2019-04-22 Andre NollCreate a dynamic library.
2019-03-14 Andre Nollbuild: Honor the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. v1.0.2
2019-03-14 Andre Nollbuild: Compress man pages.
2019-03-14 Andre Nollbuild: .a files do not need to be executable.
2019-03-14 Andre Nollbuild: Support DESTDIR.
2019-03-14 Andre Nollbuild: Provide target distclean.
2019-03-14 Andre Nollbuild: Activate ONESHELL.
2016-10-23 Andre NollThe long option parser for subcommands (lopsub). v1.0.0