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[osl.git] / errlist
1 BAD_DB_DIR                      "invalid database directory"
2 NO_COLUMN_DESC                  "missing column description"
3 BAD_NAME                        "invalid name for a column/table"
4 BAD_STORAGE_TYPE                "invalid storage type"
5 BAD_STORAGE_FLAGS               "invalid storage flags"
6 NO_COLUMN_NAME                  "missing column name"
7 NO_COLUMNS                      "at least one column required"
8 BAD_COLUMN_NAME                 "invalid name for a table column"
9 NO_UNIQUE_RBTREE_COLUMN         "need at least one mapped column with OSL_UNIQE and OSL_RBTREE"
10 NO_RBTREE_COL                   "at least one column needs an rbtree"
11 DUPLICATE_COL_NAME              "column name given twice"
12 BAD_STORAGE_SIZE                "invalid storage size"
13 NO_COMPARE_FUNC                 "missing compare function"
14 BAD_DATA_SIZE                   "wrong data size for fixed-size column"
15 NOT_MAPPED                      "file not mapped"
16 ALREADY_MAPPED                  "file already mapped"
17 BAD_SIZE                        "invalid size specified"
18 BAD_TABLE                       "table not open"
19 BAD_TABLE_DESC                  "invalid table description"
20 RB_KEY_EXISTS                   "key already exists in rbtree"
21 RB_KEY_NOT_FOUND                "key not found in rbtree"
22 BAD_ROW_NUM                     "invalid row number"
23 INDEX_CORRUPTION                "index corruption detected"
24 LSEEK                           "lseek error"
25 BUSY                            "table is busy"
26 SHORT_TABLE                     "table too short"
27 NO_MAGIC                        "missing table header magic"
28 VERSION_MISMATCH                "table version not supported"
29 BAD_COLUMN_NUM                  "invalid column number"
30 BAD_TABLE_FLAGS                 "invalid flags in table description"
31 BAD_ROW                         "invalid row"
32 EMPTY                           "file empty"
33 MMAP                            "mmap error"
34 LOOP                            "loop terminated"
35 NOMEM                           "cannot allocate memory"
36 NOTDIR                          "not a directory"
37 STAT                            "stat error"
38 UNLINK                          "failed to unlink file"
39 WRITE                           "write error"
40 OPEN                            "failed to open file"
41 TRUNCATE                        "could not truncate file"
42 MKDIR                           "failed to create directory"
43 RENAME                          "could not rename file"
44 MUNMAP                          "munmap error"
45 FSTAT                           "fstat error"
46 DIR_EXISTS                      "directory exists"
47 NOENT                           "no such file"