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[paraslash.git] / afs.cmd
1 BN: afs
2 SF: afs.c aft.c attribute.c
3 SN: list of afs commands
4 TM: mood lyr img pl
5 ---
6 N: ls
8 D: List audio files.
9 U: ls [-l=mode] [-p] [-a] [-r] [-d] [-s=order] [pattern...]
10 H: Print a list of all audio files matching pattern.
11 H:
12 H: Options:
13 H:
14 H: -l=mode Change listing mode. Defaults to short listing if not given.
15 H:
16 H: Available modes:
17 H: s: short listing mode
18 H: l: long listing mode (equivalent to -l)
19 H: v: verbose listing mode
20 H: p: parser-friendly mode
21 H: m: mbox listing mode
22 H: c: chunk-table listing mode
23 H:
24 H: -F List full paths. If this option is not specified, only the basename
25 H: of each file is printed.
26 H: -p Synonym for -F. Deprecated.
27 H:
28 H: -b Print only the basename of each matching file. This is the default, so
29 H: the option is currently a no-op. It is recommended to specify this option,
30 H: though, as the default might change in a future release.
31 H:
32 H: -a List only files that are admissible with respect to the current mood or
33 H: playlist.
34 H:
35 H: -r Reverse sort order.
36 H:
37 H: -d Print dates as seconds after the epoch.
38 H:
39 H: -s=order
40 H: Change sort order. Defaults to alphabetical path sort if not given.
41 H:
42 H: Possible values for order:
43 H: p: by path
44 H: l: by last played time
45 H: s: by score (implies -a)
46 H: n: by num played count
47 H: f: by frequency
48 H: c: by number of channels
49 H: i: by image id
50 H: y: by lyrics id
51 H: b: by bit rate
52 H: d: by duration
53 H: a: by audio format
54 ---
55 T: add
56 N: add@member@
57 O: int com_add@member@(struct command_context *cc);
59 D: Add stdin as a blob to the @member@ table.
60 U: add@member@ @member@_name
61 H: Read from stdin and ask the audio file selector to create a blob in the
62 H: corresponding osl table. If the named blob already exists, it gets replaced
63 H: with the new data.
64 ---
65 T: cat
66 N: cat@member@
67 O: int com_cat@member@(struct command_context *cc);
69 D: Dump the contents of a blob of type @member@ to stdout.
70 U: cat@member@ @member@_name
71 H: Retrieve the named blob and write it to stdout.
72 ---
73 T: ls
74 N: ls@member@
75 O: int com_ls@member@(struct command_context *cc);
77 D: List blobs of type @member@ which match a pattern.
78 U: ls@member@ [-i] [-l] [-r] [pattern]
79 H: Print the list of all blobs which match the given pattern. If no
80 H: pattern is given, the full list is printed.
81 H:
82 H: Options:
83 H:
84 H: -i Sort by identifier. The default is to sort alphabetically by name.
85 H:
86 H: -l Print identifier and name. The default is to print only the name.
87 H:
88 H: -r Reverse sort order.
89 ---
90 T: rm
91 N: rm@member@
92 O: int com_rm@member@(struct command_context *cc);
94 D: Remove blob(s) of type @member@ from the @member@ table.
95 U: rm@member@ pattern...
96 H: Remove all blobs whose name matches any of the given patterns.
97 ---
98 T: mv
99 N: mv@member@
100 O: int com_mv@member@(struct command_context *cc);
102 D: Rename a blob of type @member@.
103 U: mv@member@ source_@member@_name dest_@member@_name
104 H: Rename the blob identified by the source blob name to the destination blob
105 H: name. The command fails if the source does not exist, or if the destination
106 H: already exists.