Link para_server and para_afh against libid3tag if available.
[paraslash.git] / client.ggo
1 # file client.conf
2 option "hostname" i "ip or host to connect" string typestr="host" default="localhost" optional
3 option "user" u "paraslash username" string typestr="username" default="<current user>" optional
4 option "server_port" p "port to connect" int typestr="port" default="2990" optional
5 option "key_file" k "(default='~/.paraslash/key.<user>')" string typestr="filename" optional
6 option "loglevel" l "set loglevel (0-6)" int typestr="number" default="5" optional
7 option "config_file" c "(default='~/.paraslash/client.conf')" string typestr="filename" optional
8 option "plain" - "request an uncrypted session" flag off