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[paraslash.git] / crypt.h
1 #include <openssl/pem.h>
2 /** \file crypt.h prototypes for the RSA crypt functions */
3 int para_decrypt_challenge(char *key_file, long unsigned *challenge_nr,
4 unsigned char *buf, int rsa_inlen);
5 int para_encrypt_challenge(RSA* rsa, long unsigned challenge_nr,
6 unsigned char *outbuf);
7 int para_encrypt_buffer(RSA* rsa, unsigned char *inbuf, const unsigned len,
8 unsigned char *outbuf);
9 int para_decrypt_buffer(char *key_file, unsigned char *outbuf, unsigned char *inbuf,
10 int rsa_inlen);
11 int get_rsa_key(char *key_file, RSA **rsa, int private);