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[paraslash.git] / fade.ggo
1 section "general options"
2 option "mode" o "{sleep|fade|snooze}" string default="sleep" optional
3 option "config_file" c "(default='~/.paraslash/fade.conf')" string typestr="filename" optional
4 option "mixer_device" m "mixer device file" string typestr="device" default="/dev/mixer" optional
6 section "sleep options (only relevant in sleep mode)"
7 option "sleep_ivol" - "set initial volume before doing anything else" int typestr="volume" default="60" optional
8 option "fa_stream" - "fall asleep stream. Change to this stream right after setting the volume" string typestr="streamname" default="fa" optional
9 option "fa_fade" - "fall asleep fading time, no fading if set to 0" int typestr="seconds" default="1800" optional
10 option "fa_vol" - "volume to fade to" int typestr="volume" default="20" optional
11 option "sleep_stream" - "change to this stream after fading, stop playing if unset" string typestr="streamname" default="sleep" optional
12 option "wake_hour" H "(0-23)" int default="8" optional
13 option "wake_min" M "(0-59)" int default="0" optional
14 option "wake_stream" - "changed to on waketime" string typestr="streamname" default="wake" optional
15 option "wake_fade" - "no fading in if set to 0" int typestr="seconds" default="1200" optional
16 option "wake_vol" - "vol to fade to at waketime" int typestr="volume" default="80" optional
18 section "snooze options"
19 option "snooze_out_fade" - "fade out time" int typestr="seconds" default="30" optional
20 option "snooze_out_vol" - "vol to fade to before snooze" int typestr="volume" default="20" optional
21 option "snooze_time" - "delay" int typestr="seconds" default="600" optional
22 option "snooze_in_fade" - "fade in time" int typestr="seconds" default="180" optional
23 option "snooze_in_vol" - "vol to fade to after snooze" int typestr="volume" default="80" optional
25 section "fade options"
26 option "fade_vol" f "volume to fade to" int typestr="volume" default="50" optional
27 option "fade_time" t "time to fade in" int typestr="seconds" default="5" optional