switch to the new struct writer/writer_node abstraction
[paraslash.git] / play.ggo
1 section "general options"
2 option "start_time" t "start playback at given time which must be in a:b format where a denotes seconds and b denotes microseconds since the epoch" string typestr="timeval" optional
3 option "device" d "set PCM device" string typestr="device" default="plughw:0,0" optional
4 option "channels" c "number of channels (only neccessary for raw audio)" int typestr="num" default="2" optional
5 option "sample_rate" s "force given sample rate (only neccessary for raw audio)" int typestr="num" default="44100" optional
6 option "bufsize" b "input buffer size" int typestr="kilobytes" default="64" optional
7 option "prebuffer" p "delay playback until buffer is filled" int typestr="percent" default="100" optional
8 option "loglevel" l
9 #~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
11 "set loglevel (0-6)"
13 int typestr="level"
14 default="4"
15 optional