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1 <h1>Documentation</h1>
2 <hr>
3 Have a look at this
4 <a href="overview.pdf">overview</a>,
5 a pdf file containing a sketch which illustrates how the pieces of paraslash work
6 together. Read
7 <a href="README.html">README</a>
8 for general information (including a list of required software),
9 <a href="INSTALL.html">INSTALL</a>
10 for installation notes, and
11 <a href="README.mysql.html">README.mysql</a>
12 for instructions on how to use the mysql audio file selector
13 shipped with paraslash.
14 <p>
15 The various commands of para_server and para_audiod are explained in
16 paraslash's
17 <a href="doc/html/index.html">manual pages</a>.
18 </p>
19 <p>
20 As of version 0.2.10, the source of para_server and para_audiod is fully documented.
21 Have a look at the
22 <a href="doxygen/html/index.html">Paraslash API Reference</a>.
23 </p>
24 <p> Finally, you can <a href="HTML/index.html">RTFS online</a>.
25 </p>