Paraslash: Play, archive, rate and stream large audio sets happily

A set of tools for doing just what its name suggests.

Feature list
Live Demo


  • 2005-12-27: paraslash-0.2.7 "transparent invariance"
  • 2005-10-29: paraslash-0.2.6 "recursive compensation"
  • 2005-10-27: manual pages online
  • 2005-10-13: paraslash-0.2.5 "aggressive resolution"
  • 2005-09-21: paraslash-0.2.4 "toxic anticipation"
  • 2005-09-01: paraslash-0.2.3 "hydrophilic movement"
  • 2005-08-19: paraslash-0.2.2 "tangential excitation"
  • 2005-08-15: paraslash-0.2.1 "surreal experience"
  • 2005-08-06: overview.pdf
  • 2005-08-06: paraslash-0.2.0 "distributed diffusion"
  • 2005-08-01: paraslash live stream
  • 2005-04-18: paraslash-0.1.7 "melting penetration"
  • 2005-03-05: paraslash-0.1.6 "asymptotic balance"
  • 2004-12-31: paraslash-0.1.5 "opaque eternity"
  • 2004-12-19: paraslash-0.1.4 "tunneling transition"
  • 2004-12-10: paraslash-0.1.3 "vanishing inertia"
  • 2004-11-28: paraslash-0.1.2 "spherical fluctuation"
  • 2004-11-05: paraslash-0.1.1 "floating atmosphere"
  • 2004-10-22: paraslash-0.1.0 "rotating cortex"

Feature list

  • network audio streaming software
  • client/server tcp-networking
  • command line interface
  • openssl user authentication
  • several grafical user interfaces
  • mysql-based audio file selector
See FEATURES for a more detailed list.


Everybody loves screenshots, so here we go.


Only source is available, including the nightly cvs snapshot. All regular releases are cryptographically signed. Anonymous (read-only) cvs access is also available. Checkout a copy with

cvs -d login

(empty passwd)

cvs -d co paraslash

Finally, you can RTFS online.

Live Demo

There is a public paraslash stream at, streaming the music of Henri Petterson. You can listen to the stream with any mp3 player that supports http streaming. Both




are known to work.

Moreover, there is an anonymous paraslash account available which you can use to have a look at paraslash without configuring and running para_server on your own box. Just download and run this shell script on your Unix system. If you prefer to do things manually, simply cut-and-paste the instructions given below verbatim to your shell. No root-privileges are required.

  • Check that both aplay and mpg123 are installed on your system
  • Download a recent paraslash package. You you need paraslash-0.2.0 or later for the demo, paraslash-0.1.x will not work.
  • Install the neccessary paraslash binaries (you can safely ignore any warnings about missing software):
    • tar xjf paraslash-cvs.tar.bz2
    • cd paraslash-cvs
    • bin="para_client para_audioc para_audiod para_gui" # all we need
    • (./configure --prefix="$HOME" && make $bin) > /dev/null
    • mkdir -p $HOME/bin; cp $bin $HOME/bin
    • export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH
    There should be no errors.
  • Get the key for the anonymous account on
    • dir="$HOME/.paraslash";
    • mkdir -p $dir
    • wget --directory-prefix=$dir http://$server/key.anonymous
  • Tell para_client that we want to connect to as user anonymous:
    • conf="$dir/client.conf"; socket="$dir/socket"
    • echo user \"anonymous\" > $conf
    • echo hostname \"$server\" >> $conf
    • echo key_file \"$dir/key.anonymous\" >> $conf
    • echo socket \"$socket\" >> $dir/audioc.conf
  • Start para_audiod
    • para_audiod -d --stream_read_cmd "mp3:mpg123 -s http://$server:8009/" --stream_write_cmd "mp3:aplay -fcd" -L $dir/audiod.log --socket=$socket
  • Start para_gui
    • para_gui


Read the complete ChangeLog or the file NEWS containing a brief summary of the changes for each version.


Have a look at this overview, a pdf file containing a sketch which illustrates how the pieces of paraslash work together. Read README for general information, INSTALL for installation notes, and README.mysql for instructions on how to use the mysql database tool shipped with paraslash. There is also an online version of paraslash's manual pages.


Distribution of Paraslash is covered by the GNU GPL. See file COPYING.


André Noll,

Several people helped by reporting bugs, improving documentation, constructive discussions, or, last but not least, by writing free software on which this project is based on. See CREDITS for an incomplete list of people.

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