Live Demo

There is a public paraslash stream at, streaming the music of Henri Petterson. You can listen to the stream with any mp3 player that supports http streaming.

mpg123 -Z


and iTunes are known to work.

Moreover, there is an anonymous paraslash account available which you can use to have a look at paraslash without configuring and running para_server on your own box. There's no need to install the paraslash package and no root-privileges are required for the demo.

Download the public key for the anonymous user and the latest paraslash tarball or the current snapshot. Next, compile para_audiod (./configure && make para_audiod) and use the following configuration options:

Finally, type "./para_audiod" to start streaming. If this works, try out para_client, para_gui and para_audioc. Otherwise, use para_recv, para_filter and para_write to find out why.