db.c: use PARA_STRERROR()...
[paraslash.git] / Makefile.in
2006-03-14 Andreadd dccp.h to tarball
2006-03-13 Andremake install: do not create an unused directory
2006-03-11 AndreMerge branch 'dccp'
2006-03-11 Andrenew codename, reset version to git
2006-03-11 Andreparaslash 0.2.11 v0.2.11
2006-03-09 AndreMerge branch 'no_colon_separators'
2006-03-09 AndreAdd a missing header file to Makefile.in
2006-03-08 Andremaintainer-clean: also remove skencil/*.ps skencil...
2006-02-26 Andremake header_len an integer
2006-02-21 Andrecvs->git update
2006-02-20 Andreinitial git commit