READMY.mysql: replace --enable-mysql-headers by --with-mysql-headers
[paraslash.git] / README.mysql
2007-03-10 Andre NollREADMY.mysql: replace --enable-mysql-headers by --with...
2007-03-03 Andre Nollrename DB_READ, DB_WRITE to AFS_READ, AFS_WRITE
2006-06-15 maanMerge branch 'master' into my-osx
2006-06-13 AndreMake INSTALL, README and README.mysql grutatext-friendly
2006-05-02 Andrecom_upd: ignore duplicates
2006-05-01 Andreconfigure: add two mysql-related command line options
2006-04-19 AndreREADME updates
2006-03-11 AndreMerge branch 'dccp'
2006-03-10 AndreREADME.mysql: cdt -> chs update
2006-03-10 Andredbtool -> audio file selector renaming
2006-02-21 AndreMerge branch 'dbtool_preselect'
2006-02-20 Andrerename dopey to random
2006-02-20 Andreinitial git commit