fecdec_filter: Avoid potentially expensive pointer subtraction.
[paraslash.git] / command_util.sh
2007-12-16 Andre Nolla/command_util.sh: Convert template members also in...
2007-12-09 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/yangtse/master'
2007-12-09 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/fml/master'
2007-12-07 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/fml/master'
2007-12-05 Andre Nollcommand_util.sh: Add missing newline.
2007-11-24 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/fml/master'
2007-11-23 Andre NollReplace shebang in bash scripts.
2007-10-24 Andre Nollcommand_util.sh: Don't replace newlines by spaces.
2007-10-06 Andre Nollcommand_util.sh: Fix man page format.
2007-09-23 Andre Nollcommand_util.sh: Fix man output for templates.
2007-09-08 Andre NollIntroduce template commands for command_util.sh.
2007-02-11 Andre Nollcommand_util.sh: Make it read the function prototype...
2007-01-29 Andre NollMerge ../paraslash.meins/paraslash
2007-01-28 Andrerename "synopsis" to "usage".
2007-01-27 Andresimplify com_man() of command_util.sh
2007-01-25 Andrecommand_util.sh: improve man page generation
2007-01-21 Andrecommand_util.sh: Make sure the "handler" pointer is...
2007-01-21 Andrenuke the AN (array name) header field
2007-01-21 Andreswitch to a single rule for all command lists
2007-01-21 Andrecommand_util.sh: rename proto to header and array to...
2007-01-21 Andremove header include info from Makefile.in to *.cmd
2007-01-19 Andrepara_server: switch to generated command list
2007-01-19 Andreadd command utilitly and some .cmd files