Link para_server and para_afh against libid3tag if available.
[paraslash.git] / fade.c
2008-04-24 Andre Nollfade.c: Stop playing if no sleep mode was given.
2008-04-07 Andre Nollexec and fade cleanups.
2008-01-10 Andre Nollfade.c: Don't include curses.h.
2008-01-08 Andre NollChange year in Copyright comment from 2007 to 2008.
2007-11-19 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/meins/v0.3' into v0.3
2007-11-17 Andre Nollfade.c: Fix client_cmd()
2007-10-31 Andre NollIncrease default wake time from 8 to 9 hours.
2007-10-25 Andre NollMake para_fade use the new afs.
2007-09-21 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/meins/v0.3' into v0.3
2007-09-20 Andre NollMake para_fsck work without specifying tables.
2007-08-06 Andre NollDon't use depricated xxx_cmdline_parser_configfile().
2007-06-28 Andre Nollreplace standard GPL header by a one-line pointer to...
2007-05-26 Andre Nollfade: cosmetic cleanups
2007-05-26 Andre Nollfade.c: simplify open_mixer()
2007-05-26 Andre Nollfade.c: replace args_info by conf
2007-05-26 Andre Nollfade.c: Fix some signed issues
2007-02-06 Andre NollMerge /fml/ag-raetsch/home/maan/scm/paraslash_meins...
2007-02-05 Andre Nollfade.c: [trivial] whitespace cleanup
2007-02-04 Andre Nolluse own version handler for all commands.
2006-10-10 AndreMerge ../paraslash.fml/paraslash
2006-10-03 AndreMerge /home/maan/scm/paraslash.fml/paraslash
2006-10-03 Andrefade: add missing <cr> in log message
2006-06-24 maanMerge branch 'master' into my-osx
2006-06-23 Andrefade: wake time defaults to "8 hours from now"
2006-06-15 maanMerge branch 'master' into my-osx
2006-06-15 Andreintegrate para_client into para_audiod
2006-04-21 Andrefade.c: whitespace cleanup
2006-04-15 Andregcc-compat.h: rename __unused to __a_unused
2006-04-08 Andrefurther header cleanup
2006-04-07 AndreNew source files: fd.c/fd.h
2006-03-26 Andreuse const qualifiers where possible
2006-02-20 Andreinitial git commit