build: Echo "M4" when running an m4 command.
[paraslash.git] / m4 / lls / makefile
2017-07-15 Andre Nollbuild: Echo "M4" when running an m4 command.
2017-07-15 Andre Nollbuild: Run lopsubgen with absolute path.
2017-07-13 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2017-04-28 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/logo-0.6'
2017-04-27 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/lopsub'
2017-03-26 Andre Nollbuild: Create .dep files only during compilation.
2017-03-26 Andre NollConvert audioc to lopsub.
2017-03-26 Andre NollConvert audiod commands to lopsub.