2010-02-14 Andre Nolloggdec: Kill unused ->stream_start of struct private_og...
2010-02-14 Andre Nolloggdec: Fix a thinko in post_select().
2010-02-14 Andre Nollbtr: Rename btr_bytes_pending() and make it public.
2010-02-13 Andre Nolldccp_recv: Use para_readv() instead of recv_bin_buffer().
2010-02-13 Andre NollAdd para_readv(), a simple wrapper for readv().
2010-02-13 Andre NollIntroduce btr_pool_get_buffers().
2010-02-11 Andre Nollconfigure: Check for broken snprintf().
2010-02-08 Andre Nollalsa: Remove xrun().
2010-02-06 Andre NollFix a couple of memory leaks.
2010-02-03 Gerrit RenkerFix make clean and make install.
2010-01-31 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2010-01-31 Andre Nollrecv: Don't set argv to NULL when parsing receiver...
2010-01-30 Andre NollMerge remote branch 'fml/next'
2010-01-30 Andre Nollclient: Remove the buffer tree node on errors.
2010-01-30 Andre Nollsched: Add sched_request_barrier_or_min_delay().
2010-01-30 Andre Nollaudiod: Split open_current_receiver().
2010-01-30 Andre Nollaudiod: Fix time diff log message.
2010-01-30 Andre Nolltime.c: tv_convex_combination() fixes.
2010-01-30 Andre Nollwma: Defer decoding until two data blocks are available.
2010-01-27 Andre NollAdd buffer tree support for the osx writer.
2010-01-23 Andre Nollaudiod: Request a minimal delay if the status buffer...
2010-01-19 Andre Noll[btr] Complete source code documentation.
2010-01-19 Andre Noll[btr] Add more documentation.
2010-01-19 Andre Remove some unused AC_SUBST() exports.
2010-01-19 Andre Nollconfigure: Don't mention the list of supported senders...
2010-01-19 Andre NollDon't hardcode the list of executables in
2010-01-18 Andre NollBuild para_audiod unconditionally.
2010-01-18 Andre NollRemove some unused error codes.
2010-01-18 Andre NollDon't use ENAVAIL.
2010-01-18 Andre NollFix some format string warnings on x86_64.
2010-01-17 Andre NollMerge branch 'master' into next
2010-01-17 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2010-01-17 Andre NollMerge remote branch 'athcx/maint' into maint
2010-01-17 Andre Noll[btr]: Avoid a gcc warning.
2010-01-17 Andre Noll[btr] Only print debug message if we're really increasi...
2010-01-17 Andre Noll[btr] Documentation update.
2010-01-15 Andre Nollaudiod cleanups.
2010-01-15 Andre Noll[btr] Add more documentation.
2010-01-15 Andre Nollclient: Fix a memory leak in client_post_select().
2010-01-15 Andre Nollsched: Reset the descriptor sets on timeouts.
2010-01-15 Andre Nollalsa: Replace check for pending frames on eof by a...
2010-01-15 Andre Noll[btr] Add more documentation.
2010-01-15 Andre Noll[btr] Add more documentation.
2010-01-15 Andre Nollstdin/stdout cleanup.
2010-01-15 Andre Nollbtr support for para_client.
2010-01-14 Andre Noll[btr] log message cleanups.
2010-01-14 Andre Noll[btr] Add a comment to btr_pool_available().
2010-01-14 Andre Noll[btr] btr_node_status(): Node pointer should never...
2010-01-14 Andre Nollfilter.h: Document that the ->close method need not...
2010-01-14 Andre Nollaudiod: Add a paranoia check to close_writers().
2010-01-14 Andre NollAdd documentation of struct btr_node and btr_pool.
2010-01-14 Andre Noll[btr] Fix btr_get_input_queue_size().
2010-01-14 Andre NollIntroduce btr_node_description.
2010-01-14 Andre Nollfile_write: Use para_open() and set the fd to non-block...
2010-01-13 Andre Noll[btr] Fix merge_input_pool().
2010-01-13 Andre NollSkip btr suffix from {pre,post}_select_btr().
2010-01-13 Andre NollKill unused writer_node_group code.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollfile_write: Use sched_min_delay().
2010-01-13 Andre Nollfile_write: Kill ->fd of struct private_file_write_data.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollfile_write: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-13 Andre Nolloss fixes and cleanups.
2010-01-13 Andre Nolloss: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollalsa: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollwrite: Kill non-btr mode.
2010-01-13 Andre NollMake writers remove btr node on errors.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollfilter_common: Use sched_min_delay() helper.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollclient.c: Add comment on the supervisor task.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollmp3dec: Don't check for bad data delay on errors.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollmp3dec does not need --buffer_tree.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollstdin: Avoid overrun errors.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollalsa: Ignore errors from the btr query.
2010-01-13 Andre para_client needs time.o.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollalsa: Always write as much as possible.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollalsa: Increase timeout on eof to 20ms.
2010-01-13 Andre NollKill fields buf, loaded and output_error of struct...
2010-01-13 Andre Nolludp_recv: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-13 Andre Nolldccp_recv: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollhttp_recv: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-13 Andre Nollrecv: Use buffer tree API unconditionally.
2010-01-13 Andre NollAdd btr support for the dccp receiver.
2010-01-12 Andre NollRemove ->shutdown of struct receiver.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollaudiod: Make mode switching (on, off, sb) work again.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollfilter.h: Kill some unused fields of struct filter_node.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollfilter: Remove allocation of filter buffers.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollfecdec: Kill some dead code.
2010-01-12 Andre NollKill unused filter_node->fc.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollfilter/audiod: Be nice to filters without close method.
2010-01-12 Andre NollKill unused struct filter_chain.
2010-01-12 Andre NollMore oggdec cleanups.
2010-01-12 Andre NollKill unused struct filter_callbacks.
2010-01-12 Andre NollKill global close_filters().
2010-01-12 Andre NollKill filter->convert.
2010-01-12 Andre NollKill unused filter_post_select().
2010-01-12 Andre Nollmp3dec: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollaacdec: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nolloggdec: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollprebuffer: Use new sched helper functions.
2010-01-12 Andre NollPrebuffer: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre Nollwmadec: Kill non-btr code.
2010-01-12 Andre NollFecdec: Kill non-btr code.