2008-06-29 Andre NollMake mp3_get_file_info() static.
2008-06-29 Andre NollReorder functions in mp3_afh.c.
2008-06-29 Andre NollGet rid of struct id3tag and struct mp3info.
2008-06-28 Andre Nollmp3_read_info(): Kill fl_avg.
2008-06-28 Andre NollKill struct mp3info->header.
2008-06-28 Andre NollMake mp3_seek_next_header() more readable.
2008-06-28 Andre NollSimplify mp3_seek_next_header().
2008-06-28 Andre NollAllocate afh_info->info_string dynamically.
2008-06-22 Andre Nollmp3_afh.c: Simplify mp3_get_id3().
2008-05-14 Gerrit Renker[NET]: Bug-fix for getaddrinfo()
2008-05-09 Andre Nollrecv.h: Cosmetics.
2008-04-24 Andre Nollfade.c: Stop playing if no sleep mode was given.
2008-04-24 Andre Nollstat.c: Comment out noisy debug messages.
2008-04-22 Andre Nollfilter_chain.c: Cosmetics.
2008-04-20 Andre NollUpdate documentation of filter_pre_select().
2008-04-20 Andre NollRemove unused WAV_FILTER_NUM.
2008-04-20 Andre Nollfilter.c: Cosmetics.
2008-04-20 Andre Nollfilter.c: Handle filter errors gracefully.
2008-04-20 Andre Nollaudiod.c: Use correct size for filter node array.
2008-04-15 Andre NollMake hover on the gitweb page work as on the other...
2008-04-15 Andre Nollaudiod: Do not restart the receiver too early.
2008-04-15 Andre NollCall init_afs() _before_ setting up signal handlers.
2008-04-12 Andre Nollserver.c: Add some more Doxygen links.
2008-04-12 Andre Nollweb/index.html: Fix link to man pages.
2008-04-12 Andre NollDoxyfile: Add HAVE_FAAD to INCLUDE_FILE_PATTERNS.
2008-04-12 Andre NollReplace ipc error codes by system error codes.
2008-04-12 Andre Nollipc.c: Cosmetics.
2008-04-12 Andre Nollcom_si(): Report also the afs pid.
2008-04-12 Andre NollSimplify vss_status_tohuman() and add a comment.
2008-04-12 Andre Nollcommand.c: Remove a useless use of the mmd lock.
2008-04-12 Andre NollKill mmd_lock() and mmd_unlock().
2008-04-12 Andre NollFix documentation of cq_update().
2008-04-12 Andre NollMake para_server use the generic scheduling code.
2008-04-12 Andre NollIntroduce sched->select_function.
2008-04-12 Andre Nollaudiod.c: Fix signal number in log output.
2008-04-12 Andre NollMake scheduler structs static.
2008-04-12 Andre Nollvss: Include map in the vss task struct.
2008-04-12 Andre Nollchunk_queue: Store a pointer to the data and the chunk...
2008-04-12 Andre NollIntroduce the vss task.
2008-04-12 Andre Nollserver: Introduce server_command_task.
2008-04-12 Andre Nollserver: Fix stop mode.
2008-04-12 Andre Nollserver: Introduce command_{pre,post}_select().
2008-04-12 Andre Nollserver.c: Introduce server_select().
2008-04-12 Andre NollMove struct senders[] from server.c to vss.c.
2008-04-12 Andre NollInit mmd->sender_cmd_data.cmd_num in vss_init().
2008-04-12 Andre NollHandle sender commands in vss_post_select().
2008-04-12 Andre NollMake vss_send_chunk() static.
2008-04-12 Andre NollCall sender functions from vss.c rather than from server.c.
2008-04-12 Andre NollSimplify vss_presselect().
2008-04-12 Andre NollOnly call vss_eof() from vss_preselect().
2008-04-12 Andre Nollvss: Check the afs socket either for reading or for...
2008-04-12 Andre NollSimplify vss_preselect().
2008-04-12 Andre Nollvss_preselect(): Use single return.
2008-04-12 Andre NollDo not call vss_post_select() if para_select() failed.
2008-04-11 Andre Nollnew codename, reset version to git
2008-04-11 Andre Nollthe paraslash-0.3.2 release tarball
2008-04-11 Andre Nollparaslash 0.3.2 v0.3.2
2008-04-11 Andre NollServer/audiod option parsing improvements.
2008-04-10 Andre NollKill unused error code AFS_PARENT_DIED.
2008-04-10 Andre Nollaudioc: Make all fds non-blocking.
2008-04-07 Andre NollDo not call close_listed_fds() in para_exec().
2008-04-07 Andre Nollexec and fade cleanups.
2008-04-06 Andre NollGet rid of E_MUNMAP.
2008-04-06 Andre Nollclient.c: supervisor task should use post_select instea...
2008-04-06 Andre NollFix NULL pointer dereference for stdin commands.
2008-04-05 Andre Nollafh.ggo: Clarify --no_header help text.
2008-04-05 Andre Nollpara_afh: Accept negative values for begin_chunk and...
2008-04-04 Andre NollFix the man page generation fix.
2008-04-04 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/lamarck/master'
2008-04-04 Andre Fix afh_ldflags on Solaris.
2008-04-04 Andre Nollaudiod.c Solaris needs signal.h.
2008-04-04 Andre NollFix generation of man pages on Solaris.
2008-04-04 Andre Update configure output of the paraslash...
2008-04-02 Andre NollRewrite audiod help text.
2008-04-02 Andre NollUpdate help text for audiod's kill command.
2008-04-02 Andre Nollaudiod.ggo: Kill unused --stream_timeout option.
2008-04-02 Andre NollGrab cleanups and fixes.
2008-04-02 Andre Nollaudiod: Fix decoder restart barrier.
2008-04-02 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/fml/master'
2008-04-02 Andre NollUpdate documentation of activate_grab_client().
2008-04-02 Andre NollSimplify activate_inactive_grab_clients().
2008-04-01 Andre NollNEWS update.
2008-04-01 Andre Nollaudiod: Get rid of the audiod task.
2008-04-01 Andre NollFix com_stat() for arguments greater than one.
2008-04-01 Andre NollFix another bug in stdout.c.
2008-04-01 Andre Nollclient.c: Add status info.
2008-04-01 Andre Nollclient.c: Fix error value of supervisor task.
2008-04-01 Andre NollFix a bug in stdout.c.
2008-04-01 Andre NollMake unregister_task() static.
2008-04-01 Andre NollUpdate documentation for stdin.c and stdout.c.
2008-04-01 Andre Nollstdin: Don't set sit->loaded.
2008-04-01 Andre NollFix two typos in stdin.c.
2008-04-01 Andre NollKill unused wng_unregister().
2008-04-01 Andre Nollwng_open(): Defer registering the wng task.
2008-04-01 Andre Nollaudiod: Rewrite status task logic.
2008-04-01 Andre Nollunregister_task(): Print what caused the task to shutdown.
2008-04-01 Andre Nollunregister_task(): Set error status to E_TASK_UNREGISTERED
2008-04-01 Andre Nollkill_task(): Only set task error status.
2008-04-01 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/fml/master'
2008-04-01 Andre Nollafs.c: Make open_next_audio_file() static.