2012-07-08 Andre Nollbtr: Introduce btr_add_output_dont_free().
2012-07-08 Andre Nollbtr: Remove btr_free_node().
2012-07-08 Andre Nollwrite: Remove ->shutdown.
2012-07-08 Andre Nollaudiod: Kill some dead code.
2012-07-08 Andre NollMerge branch 't/command_util_cleanups'
2012-07-02 Andre NollMerge branch 't/alsa_fix'
2012-06-29 Andre Nollcommand_util: grep source files only once.
2012-06-29 Andre Nollcommand_util: Fix make dependencies for *_command_list.h.
2012-06-29 Andre NollMake (most) command handlers static.
2012-06-29 Andre Nollcommand_util: Remove code for generating .c files.
2012-06-29 Andre Nollcommand_util: Write array definition in header mode.
2012-06-29 Andre Nollcommand_util: Output array members with backslashes.
2012-06-29 Andre Nollcommand_util: Avoid empty output lines.
2012-06-29 Andre Nollcommand_util: replace dump_xxx() by make_xxx().
2012-06-29 Andre Nollcommand_util: Kill HC and CC header lines.
2012-06-29 Andre Nollsideband: Fix use after free bug.
2012-06-26 Andre NollMerge branch 't/decoder_fixes'
2012-06-24 Andre NollMerge branch 't/sb'
2012-06-18 Andre NollFix documentation of pass_buffer_as_shm().
2012-06-17 Andre Nollalsa: Do not buffer more than 500ms.
2012-06-16 Andre Nollwma: Doxify some comments.
2012-06-16 Andre Nollwma: Trivial whitespace fix.
2012-06-16 Andre NollAdd documentation of two more fields of struct private_...
2012-06-04 Andre NollMakefile: Warn for unused macros only on Linux.
2012-06-03 Andre Nollwmadec: Only decode one superframe at a time.
2012-06-03 Andre Nollflacdec: Only process a single flac audio frame.
2012-06-03 Andre Nollflacdec_close(): Be liberal in what you accept.
2012-06-03 Andre Nolloggdec: Fix EOF handling on repositioning.
2012-05-28 Andre Nolloggdec: Realloc buffer to save memory.
2012-05-19 Andre Nollaudiod: Check pointers passed to btr_get_node_start().
2012-05-19 Andre Nolloggdec: Do not decode more than necessary.
2012-05-19 Andre Nolloss: Add proper error message on init.
2012-05-07 Andre NollPass command exit status via sideband to client.
2012-05-07 Andre NollSend command output via sideband.
2012-05-07 Andre NollIntroduce send_strerror().
2012-05-07 Andre NollSimplify pass_buffer_as_shm().
2012-05-07 Andre Nollcommand.c: Improve get_status().
2012-05-05 Andre NollPass command via sideband.
2012-05-05 Andre NollUse sideband also for "proceed" handshake.
2012-05-05 Andre NollUse sideband also for challenge response.
2012-05-05 Andre NollSend and receive challenge via sideband.
2012-05-05 Andre NollAdd sideband implementation.
2012-05-05 Andre NollImplement client-server feature negotiation.
2012-05-05 Andre Nollafs: Rename sc_send_result() to afs_cb_result_handler().
2012-05-05 Andre NollIntroduce afs_max_size_handler_data and afs_max_size_ha...
2012-05-05 Andre Nollclient: Improve error diagnostics.
2012-05-05 Andre NollMerge branch 't/remove_no_default_filters'
2012-06-24 Andre NollRemove --no_default_filters option.
2012-05-05 Andre NollMerge branch 't/doc'
2012-04-24 Andre Nolldaemon.c: daemon_set_default_log_colors() returns void.
2012-04-21 Andre NollClient: Simplify signal handling.
2012-04-21 Andre Nollrecv.h: Fix typo in documentation.
2012-04-21 Andre NollFix a typo in the documentation of struct ggo_help.
2012-04-21 Andre NollAdd some more starting points to main page.
2012-04-21 Andre NollAdd some missing documentation.
2012-04-09 Andre Nollbtr_slice_out_node(): Set parent to NULL.
2012-04-09 Andre Nollinteractive: Init task status.
2012-04-07 Andre NollIntroduce clear_afhi().
2012-04-07 Andre Nollhttp_recv: Trivial cleanup.
2012-04-05 Andre NollDefine status item list in afh_common.c.
2012-04-05 Andre Nollbtr_remove_node(): Loglevel adjustments.
2012-04-05 Andre Nollinteractive: Set stderr to nonbuffered mode.
2012-04-05 Andre Nollinteractive: Remove pointless return statement.
2012-03-30 Andre Nollnew codename, reset version to git
2012-03-30 Andre Nollthe paraslash-0.4.10 release tarball
2012-03-30 Andre Nollparaslash 0.4.10 v0.4.10
2012-03-29 Andre NollMerge branch 't/gui_improvements'
2012-03-25 Andre NollMerge branch 't/configure_fix'
2012-03-25 Andre NollMerge branch 't/id3_conf'
2012-03-25 Andre Nollmood.c: Silence gcc warning.
2012-03-18 Andre NollLink against libz if compiling with libid3tag support.
2012-03-18 Andre Nollconfigure: Add --with-id3tag-headers/libs.
2012-03-18 Andre Nollgui: Also display command's stderr output.
2012-03-18 Andre Nollgui: Check return value of para_exec_cmdline_pid().
2012-03-18 Andre Nollgui: Rename client_cmd_cmdline() to para_cmd().
2012-03-18 Andre Nollgui: Make some functions return void.
2012-03-18 Andre Nollconfigure: Fix warning message.
2012-03-18 Andre NollMerge branch 't/t0004_fix'
2012-03-15 Andre Nollmanual: Explain how to compile from git.
2012-03-14 Andre Nolldoc: Avoid \0 in comments.
2012-03-05 Andre NollMerge branch 't/audioc_cleanups'
2012-03-04 Andre NollFix t0004-server.
2012-03-04 Andre Do not include server-only objects uncond...
2012-03-04 Andre Remove fec from objects for para_recv.
2012-03-04 Andre Kill $gui_other_objs.
2012-02-27 Andre Try to link against libogg and lm if...
2012-02-26 Andre NollMerge branch 't/mmap_sanity'
2012-02-18 Andre NollMerge branch 't/write_consolidation'
2012-02-12 Andre Nollaudioc: Improve documentation of main().
2012-02-12 Andre NollMerge branch 't/deprecate_no_default_filters'
2012-02-05 Andre Nollaudioc: Fix memory leak in configfile_exists().
2012-02-05 Andre Nollaudioc: Do not leak command buffer.
2012-02-05 Andre Nollaudioc.c: Always free IO buffer.
2012-02-05 Andre NollFix memory leak in audioc.c.
2012-01-30 Andre NollImprove error diagnostics of mmap_full_file().
2012-01-30 Andre Nollgrab_client.c: Fix another documentation bug
2012-01-30 Andre NollMerge commit '1678ee'
2012-01-25 Andre Nollaudiod: Deprecate the --no_default_filters option.
2012-01-22 Andre Nollpara_client: Fix a memory leak.
2012-01-21 Andre NollFix a typo in the manual.