2013-04-30 Andre Nollflacdec: Switch to the alternative post select method.
2013-04-30 Andre Nollfecdec: Switch to the alternative post select method.
2013-04-30 Andre Nollcompress: Switch to the alternative post select method.
2013-04-30 Andre Nollamp: Switch to the alternative post select method.
2013-04-30 Andre Nollaacdec: Switch to the alternative post select method.
2013-04-30 Andre Nolldccp_recv: Switch to the alternative post select method.
2013-04-30 Andre Nolludp_recv: Switch to the alternative post select method.
2013-04-30 Andre Nollsched: Provide alternative post_select variant.
2013-04-30 Andre NollReplace gettimeofday() by clock_gettime().
2013-04-17 Andre Nollsched: Get rid of (pre)select shortcuts.
2013-04-17 Andre Nollaudiod: Avoid delay when closing slot.
2013-04-06 Andre Shorten config summary.
2013-04-06 Andre Nollmanual: Don't try to enumerate audio formats.
2013-04-06 Andre Nollamp: Remove stray comment.
2013-03-26 Andre NollMerge branch 't/mood_fix'
2013-03-25 Andre NollChange copyright year to 2013.
2013-03-18 Andre Nollafs.c: Fix some spelling mistakes in comments.
2013-03-18 Andre NollImprove documentation of readv_nonblock().
2013-02-10 Andre NollFix mood reload.
2013-02-10 Andre Nollafs: Add assertion to afs_cb_result_handler().
2013-02-10 Andre Nollclient: Don't print the same error message twice.
2013-02-10 Andre Nolltrivial: Fix typo in client.h.
2013-02-09 Andre Nollsignal: Restore errno on exit from signal handler.
2012-12-31 Andre NollSpeed up dep target.
2012-12-30 Andre Fix two typos in comment.
2012-12-20 Andre Nollnew codename, reset version to git
2012-12-20 Andre Nollparaslash 0.4.12 v0.4.12
2012-12-20 Andre NollFix 'install' target.
2012-12-19 Andre NollNEWS update.
2012-12-17 Andre NollFix compilation MacOS.
2012-12-16 Andre NollMerge branch 't/resample'
2012-12-02 Andre NollDo the RC4_ALIGN dance also for sideband connections.
2012-12-02 Andre Nollclient: Fix double free bug in interactive mode.
2012-12-02 Andre NollMerge branch 't/afh_receiver'
2012-11-25 Andre Nollresample filter: Implementation.
2012-11-25 Andre Nollresample filter: Infrastructure.
2012-11-25 Andre Nollcheck_wav: Ask parent nodes before falling back to...
2012-11-25 Andre NollReplace check_wav_task by write_task.
2012-11-25 Andre NollMove wav detection code to a separate file.
2012-11-25 Andre Nollwrite: Make wav-related config options modular.
2012-11-25 Andre Nollpara_filter: Call proper ->free_config method on shutdown.
2012-11-25 Andre NollMerge branch 't/osx_writer_improvements'
2012-11-19 Andre Nollplay: Fix segfault if decoder is not supported.
2012-11-19 Andre NollInteractive support depends on curses lib.
2012-11-18 Andre Nollpara_play, implementation.
2012-11-18 Andre Nollpara_play, infrastructure.
2012-11-18 Andre NollMake writer nodes honor notifications.
2012-11-18 Andre Nollinteractive: Introduce i9e_print_status_bar().
2012-11-18 Andre Nollinteractive: Implement single key mode.
2012-11-18 Andre Nollinteractive: Add producer to struct i9e_client_info.
2012-11-18 Andre NollInteractive: Introduce i9e_get_error().
2012-11-18 Andre Nollinteractive: Fix wipe_bottom_line() on MacOS.
2012-11-18 Andre Nollinteractive: Honor SIGWINCH.
2012-11-18 Andre Nollinteractive: Honor SIGTERM.
2012-11-18 Andre Nollpara_afh: remove streaming mode.
2012-11-18 Andre NollThe afh receiver, documentation.
2012-11-18 Andre NollThe afh receiver, implementation.
2012-11-18 Andre NollThe afh_receiver, infrastructure.
2012-11-18 Andre NollAdd execute mechanism to receiver nodes.
2012-11-18 Andre NollIntroduce afh_get_afhi_txt().
2012-11-18 Andre Nollaudiod: Replace kill_btrn() by task notifications.
2012-11-18 Andre Nollsched: Replace sched_shutdown() by task_notify_all().
2012-11-18 Andre Nollsched: Introduce task notifications.
2012-11-18 Andre Nolli9e_attach_to_stdout(): Don't insist on btrn == NULL.
2012-11-18 Andre NollInteractive: Assorted whitespace/newline fixes.
2012-11-18 Andre Nollinteractive: kill i9ep->line_handler_running.
2012-11-18 Andre Nollinteractive: Do not close stderr in i9e_close().
2012-11-18 Andre NollAdd missing documentation of send_strerror().
2012-11-18 Andre NollMerge branch 't/filter_parse_config_cleanup'
2012-11-04 Andre NollMerge branch 't/fade_improvements'
2012-10-30 Andre Nollosx_write: Check return value of AudioOutputUnitStart().
2012-10-30 Andre Nollosx_write: Be careful when dereferencing the private_da...
2012-10-30 Andre Nollosx: Treat writer node as an internal buffer tree node.
2012-10-30 Andre Nollosx_write: Add big fat comment on callback btr node.
2012-10-21 Andre NollCleanup filter command line parsers.
2012-10-21 Andre Nollamp: Remove pointless private_amp_data->conf.
2012-10-21 Andre Nollbuffer_tree.c: Fix a typo.
2012-10-15 Andre Nollbtr_next_buffer_omit(): Add comment on passing NULL...
2012-10-08 Andre libflac also affects para_afh and para_se...
2012-10-07 Andre Nollfade: Upgrade client command log message to loglevel...
2012-10-07 Andre Nollfade: Handle non-positive fade time gracefully.
2012-10-07 Andre Nollfade: Add --loglevel option.
2012-10-07 Andre Nollfade: Generate fade.ggo from m4 template.
2012-10-07 Andre Nollfade: Introduce --mixer-api to choose between ALSA...
2012-10-07 Andre Nollfade: Add the ALSA mixer implementation.
2012-10-07 Andre Nollfade: Switch to modular mixer API.
2012-10-07 Andre Nollfade: Infrastructure for the modular mixer API.
2012-10-07 Andre Nollfade: Abort on client command failures.
2012-10-07 Andre Nollfade: Remove some unnecessary includes.
2012-10-07 Andre Nollconfigure: Add fade.o to object list only if oss was...
2012-10-07 Andre NollNEWS update.
2012-08-27 Andre NollSimplify ggo makefile.
2012-08-27 Andre Nollwrite: Get rid of gengetopt's string parser.
2012-08-27 Andre NollIntroduce create_shifted_argv().
2012-08-27 Andre NollFix off-by-one bug in create_argv().
2012-08-27 Andre Nollggo: Move options from makefile to .m4 files.
2012-08-27 Andre Nollpara_gui ggo: Do not pass --no-handle-error.
2012-08-27 Andre NollRemove fsck.m4.
2012-08-27 Andre NollPut dependency files to a separate directory.