2008-02-02 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Kill HTTP_SENT_OK_MSG.
2008-02-02 Andre Noll{http,dccp}_send.c: Kill unused variable "self".
2008-02-02 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Get rid of write_ok().
2008-02-02 Andre Nolldccp_send.c: Fix a header sending bug.
2008-02-02 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Get rid of HTTP_READY_TO_STREAM.
2008-02-02 Andre Noll[TRIVIAL] dccp_send.c: Decrease scope of header_len.
2008-02-02 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Introduce http_write.
2008-02-01 Andre Nollsendall(): Replace send() by write().
2008-02-01 Andre Nolldccp_senc.c: Kill E_DCCP_WRITE.
2008-01-21 Andre Noll[DCCP]: Use 8000 as port.
2008-01-21 Andre NollBe more careful on command exit.
2008-01-20 Andre Nollcom_sender(): Check return value of send_buffer().
2008-01-20 Andre NollKill two unnecessary return statements.
2008-01-19 Andre Nolldccp_send.c: Reformat comment.
2008-01-19 Andre Nollmood.c: Kill unrechable return statement.
2008-01-19 Andre NollAlways check the return value of mark_fd_nonblocking().
2008-01-19 Andre Nolldccp_recv.c: Fix a fd leak.
2008-01-19 Andre Nolldccp_recv.c: Reformat comment.
2008-01-19 Andre Nolldccp_send.c: Check the return value of mark_fd_nonblock...
2008-01-19 Andre Nolldccp_send: Fix a fd leak.
2008-01-19 Andre Nolldccp_senc.c: Check return value of mark_fd_nonblocking().
2008-01-19 Andre NollAdd __must_check annotation for mark_fd_nonblocking...
2008-01-19 Andre Nollgcc-compat.h: Fix __must_check.
2008-01-19 Andre NollSimplify http_open().
2008-01-19 Andre NollKill "port" parameter of http_open().
2008-01-19 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Rename server_fd to listen_fd.
2008-01-19 Andre NollGet rid of sender->status.
2008-01-19 Andre NollRemove unused ortp_pre_select().
2008-01-17 Andre Nollaft.c: Fix a memory leak in open_and_update_audio_file().
2008-01-17 Andre Nollvss.c: Trivial whitespace cleanup.
2008-01-17 Andre Nollvcc.c: Fix a memory leak in recv_afs_result().
2008-01-17 Andre Nollnet.c: Fix a memory leak in makesock().
2008-01-17 Andre Nollsend.h: Simplify sender command enum.
2008-01-17 Andre Nollserver.c: Initialize vss _after_ afs.
2008-01-17 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Rename open_tcp_port() to http_open().
2008-01-14 Andre Nollringbuffer improvements.
2008-01-14 Andre Nollringbuffer.h: Add GPL header.
2008-01-14 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/meins/master'
2008-01-13 Andre Nollacl.h: Add GPL header and doxygen file comment.
2008-01-13 Andre NollAdd pointer to documentation of the new acl functions.
2008-01-13 Andre Nolldoxify acl.c.
2008-01-13 Andre NollRename acl functions.
2008-01-13 Andre NollMove acl functions to separate file acl.c.
2008-01-13 Andre Nollhttp_send: Make add_perm_list_entry() and del_perm_list...
2008-01-13 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Add get_acl_contents() helper.
2008-01-13 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Make host_in_acl() generic.
2008-01-13 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Only pass the fd to host_in_access_perm_li...
2008-01-13 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Make init_access_control_list() generic.
2008-01-13 Andre Nollhttp_send: Rename access_perm_list to http_acl.
2008-01-12 Andre Nollnew codename, reset version to git
2008-01-12 Andre Nollthe paraslash-0.3.0 release tarball
2008-01-12 Andre Nollparaslash 0.3.0 v0.3.0
2008-01-12 Andre Nollmake all: Also build man pages.
2008-01-12 Andre Nollmake clean: Remove man dir.
2008-01-11 Andre NollINSTALL: Replace "para" by "para_client".
2008-01-11 Andre NollRemove man pages from tarball.
2008-01-11 Andre NollREQUIREMENTS: Move help2man to the list of required...
2008-01-11 Andre NollREQUIREMENTS: Link to the english version of the linpho...
2008-01-10 Andre Nollfade.c: Don't include curses.h.
2008-01-09 Andre NollNEWS: Fix a typo.
2008-01-08 Andre NollChange year in Copyright comment from 2007 to 2008.
2008-01-07 Andre Improve alsa checks.
2008-01-07 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/yangtse/master'
2008-01-07 Andre NollFix gcc-warning on Solaris.
2008-01-07 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/yangtse/master'
2008-01-07 Andre NollFix configure on Solaris.
2008-01-06 Andre Nollgui.c: Change para command to "para_client --".
2008-01-06 Andre NollReformat gui.ggo.
2008-01-06 Andre Nollgui.ggo: Kill --auto_decode.
2007-12-29 Andre Nollcom_ls(): Always print the basename as the subject...
2007-12-29 Andre NollFix a doxygen warning.
2007-12-29 Andre NollCosmetics.
2007-12-29 Andre NollSimplify para_basename().
2007-12-28 Andre NollUpdate bash_completion to v0.3 commands.
2007-12-28 Andre NollTurn PARA_STRERROR into an inline function.
2007-12-28 Andre NollFix typo in the help text of the ls command.
2007-12-28 Andre Nollcom_lsatt(): Fix error message.
2007-12-28 Andre Fix OS detection.
2007-12-28 Andre Nollmood.c: Only print log message if we are actually reloa...
2007-12-28 Andre NollROUND_UP: Add missing parentheses().
2007-12-27 Andre Nollchunk_queue.c: Fix some typos.
2007-12-27 Andre Nollaft.c: Rename save_audio_file_info() and enum aft_row_o...
2007-12-27 Andre Nollaft.c: Improve documentation of the add command.
2007-12-27 Andre Nollserver.ggo: Remove unused selector option.
2007-12-27 Andre NollChange syntax for selecting moods or playlists.
2007-12-27 Andre NollCosmetics.
2007-12-27 Andre Change type of variables to simply expande...
2007-12-22 Andre Add some missing checks.
2007-12-22 Andre NollMake client_pre_select() and client_post_select() static.
2007-12-22 Andre Nollclient_common.c: Trivial cosmetic cleanups.
2007-12-22 Andre NollChange default loglevel for para_fsck from 4 to 3.
2007-12-22 Andre Nollfsck.c: Improve log messages.
2007-12-22 Andre Nollfsck.c: Fix NULL-pointer dereference.
2007-12-22 Andre Nollfsck.c: Loglevel adjustments.
2007-12-22 Andre Nollclient_common.c: Kill invalid FIXME.
2007-12-22 Andre Nollclient_common.c: Add a comment to client_connect().
2007-12-22 Andre NollREADME.afs: Add some information on para_fsck.
2007-12-22 Andre NollFix para_client hangs.
2007-12-18 Andre NollReplace funny statement in para_next_signal() by readab...
2007-12-17 Gerrit Renker03_STAT_no-clients.diff