2016-05-15 Andre Nollwmadec: Fix left shift of negative value.
2016-05-08 Andre NollMakefile.real: Remove duplicate $build_date.
2016-05-08 Andre Nollgui: Improve documentation of --stat-cmd.
2016-05-08 Andre NollConstify argument of playlist_open() and change_current...
2016-05-07 Andre Nollfilter.c: Use EXIT_SUCCESS.
2016-05-05 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/wmadec'
2016-05-03 Andre Nollplay.c: Check whether filter ->close() is NULL.
2016-05-03 Andre Nollafh: Make ->suffixes array const.
2016-05-03 Andre Nollblob_get_name_by_id(): Treat id of dummy row as invalid.
2016-04-17 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/markdown'
2016-04-12 Andre Nolldoc: Remove systemlinux links from documentation.
2016-04-12 Andre Nollmanual: Bump required gcc version to 4.1.
2016-04-12 Andre NollMake dates in ls output align nicely again.
2016-04-12 Andre Nollafs: Remove incorrect log message.
2016-04-10 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/attribute_fix'
2016-04-04 Andre Nolludp_send.c: Send EOF packet only once.
2016-04-02 Andre NollNEWS: Re-add download link for current master.
2016-04-02 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/image_id_mm'
2016-04-01 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2016-03-29 Andre Nollclient: Fix lsatt completer.
2016-03-28 Andre Nollopus_afh.c: Trivial whitespace fix.
2016-03-28 Andre Nollopus_common.c: Fix trival whitespace issue.
2016-03-28 Andre Nollplaylist: Do not update score if no playlist is open.
2016-03-28 Andre NollAvoid member access within misaligned address for ancil...
2016-03-28 Andre Nollmood.c: Avoid overflow in update_quadratic_deviation().
2016-03-23 Andre Nolli9e: Remove pointless call to rl_set_keymap() in i9e_op...
2016-03-23 Andre Nolli9e: Remove stale comment for dispatch_key().
2016-03-23 Andre Nolli9e: Remove stale comment for i9e_signal_dispatch().
2016-03-23 Andre Nolli9e: Remove unused member of struct i9e_private.
2016-03-17 Andre Nollbuild: Let man pages depend on git-version.h.
2016-03-15 Andre Nollmood.c: Avoid integer underflow.
2016-03-15 Andre Nollmood.c: Avoid integer overflow.
2016-03-13 Andre Nollmanual: Add realpath to list of packages.
2016-03-13 Andre Nollstring.c: Alloc space for terminating null wide character.
2016-03-13 Andre Nollgui.c: Remove condition which is always true.
2016-03-13 Andre Nollgui: Remove pointless special casing in align_str().
2016-03-06 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/com_sender'
2016-03-06 Andre Nollwmadec: Simplify wma_lsp_to_curve_init().
2016-03-06 Andre Nollwmadec: Make pwd->reset_block_lengths a boolean.
2016-03-06 Andre Nollbitstream.h: Remove some superflous parentheses.
2016-03-06 Andre Nollwmadec: Simplify get_vlc().
2016-03-06 Andre NollRemove unused error code E_NO_AUDIO_TRACK.
2016-02-28 Andre Nollclient: Add completer for version command.
2016-02-21 Andre NollAdd test that exercises attribute code.
2016-02-21 Andre Nolltest-lib: Canonicalize test_dir.
2016-02-21 Andre Nollattribute: Avoid shifting 32 bit integers.
2016-02-21 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2016-02-07 Andre Nollattribute: Avoid shifting 32 bit integers.
2016-02-07 Andre Nollspxdec: Check frame sizes.
2016-01-30 Andre NollConvert manual and NEWS from grutatxt to markdown.
2016-01-30 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/para_play_fixes'
2016-01-30 Andre Nollpara.h: Fix typo in comment.
2016-01-10 Andre Nollstring.c: Handle invalid loglevels gracefully.
2016-01-10 Andre Nollt0005: Split audiod man page tests.
2016-01-10 Andre NollConstify struct filter access and introduce filter_get().
2016-01-10 Andre NollDeactivate implicit make rules.
2016-01-10 Andre NollMake FOR_EACH_SUPPORTED_FILTER() local to filter_common.c.
2016-01-10 Andre NollFix documentation of check_receiver_arg().
2016-01-10 Andre Nollplay.c: Remove bogus __a_unused attribute for session_o...
2016-01-10 Andre Nollt0004: Switch to new syntax for ls command.
2016-01-02 Andre Nollbuild: Remove arch_cppflags.
2016-01-02 Andre Nollcommand.c: Open-code mmd_dup().
2016-01-02 Andre Nollcommand.c: Improve documentation of vss_status_tohuman().
2015-12-28 Andre Nollfilter.h: Improve documentation of ->pre_select().
2015-12-28 Andre Nollafh_recv: Improve documentation of --begin-chunk.
2015-12-28 Andre Nollafs.c: Improve documentation of afs_socket_cookie.
2015-12-28 Andre Nollclient_common.c: Fix typo in comment.
2015-12-28 Andre Nolludp_send.c: Remove pointless function.
2015-12-28 Andre Nollaft.c: Check for osl errors in com_add_callback().
2015-12-28 Andre Nollaac_afh.c: Do not open-code aac_read_int32().
2015-12-28 Andre Nollaac_afh.c: Simplify atom_cmp().
2015-12-28 Andre Nollafh: Make ->chunks_total and ->seconds_total fixed...
2015-12-28 Andre Nollbuild: Compute CC version, build date and uname string...
2015-12-13 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/priority'
2015-12-13 Andre Nollweb: Deactivate search engine.
2015-12-13 Andre Nollmanual: Improve section on Doxygen.
2015-12-13 Andre Nollt0005: Remove pointless assignment to regex,
2015-12-13 Andre Nollafs.h: Do not include regex.h.
2015-12-13 Andre Nollaft.c: Prefer localtime() over localtime_r().
2015-12-13 Andre NollImprove lastplayed time format for ls and stat output.
2015-12-08 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/strerror'
2015-11-27 Andre Nollserver: Add mood methods image_id and lyrics_id.
2015-11-13 Andre NollAvoid duplication of sender subcommands.
2015-10-29 Andre Nollbuild: Fix audiod_command.c dependency.
2015-10-25 Andre Nollplay: Handle empty arguments to --key-map gracefully.
2015-10-25 Andre Nolli9e: Avoid key binding macros.
2015-10-25 Andre Nollplay: Fix off-by-one in jmp 100.
2015-10-25 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/command_handler_cleanups'
2015-10-24 Andre Nollaft.c: Clean up aft_hash_compare().
2015-10-24 Andre Nollbuild: Fix m4 dependencies for BSD m4.
2015-10-24 Andre Nollfade: Add missing line break for log message.
2015-10-15 Andre Nolldaemon: New option --priority for server and audiod.
2015-10-14 Andre Nollweb: Clear DOT_FONTNAME in Doxyfile.
2015-10-14 Andre Nollweb: Update Doxyfile to doxygen-1.8.6.
2015-09-27 Andre Nollerror.h: Never call (para_)strerror() on osl errors.
2015-09-27 Andre NollClarify para_strerror().
2015-09-27 Andre Nollerror.h: Remove is_errno().
2015-09-27 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/taggers'
2015-09-20 Andre Nollbuild: maintainer-clean: Kill web_sync remove command.
2015-09-20 Andre Nollstring.c: Kill E_STRTOLL.