2011-08-07 Andre Nollgcrypt: Fix return value of pad_oaep().
2011-08-07 Andre NollMerge branch 't/crypto'
2011-08-06 Andre NollMerge branch 't/osx_overhaul'
2011-08-05 Andre Nollmanual: Mention that clang is also a supported compiler.
2011-08-05 Andre Nollgcrypt: Return key size in bytes.
2011-07-31 Andre Nollafs: Fix long-standing bug in add command.
2011-07-30 Andre NollMerge branch 't/client_memory_leak_fix'
2011-07-24 Andre Nollalsa: Avoid busy loop.
2011-07-21 Andre NollMerge branch 't/clang'
2011-07-11 Andre Nollfecdec: Kill an unused variable.
2011-07-09 Andre Nollclient: Do not leak buffer tree node on exit.
2011-07-07 Andre NollRewrite of the osx writer.
2011-07-07 Andre Nollaudiod get_play_time_slot_num(): Avoid possible NULL...
2011-07-07 Andre Nollaudiod: Kill noisy debug message.
2011-07-06 Andre Nollaudiod: Use non-blocking writes for stat clients.
2011-07-06 Andre Nollnet.c: Use proper socket type for __get_sock_name().
2011-07-06 Andre NollAvoid warning when compiling with clang.
2011-07-06 Andre NollWork around some clang warnings.
2011-07-06 Andre NollMakefile: Place -Wno-sign-compare _after_ -Wall.
2011-07-06 Andre Nollgcrypt: Optionally use internal OAEP padding.
2011-07-06 Andre Nollgcrypt: Use GCRYMPI_FMT_USG for gcry_sexp_nth_mpi().
2011-07-06 Andre Nollcrypt: Fix typo in configure warning.
2011-07-06 Andre NollUpdate doxygen main page with links to gcrypt functions.
2011-07-06 Andre Nollmanual: gcrypt updates.
2011-07-06 Andre NollAdd alternative crypto implementation.
2011-07-06 Andre NollAdd configure checks and stubs for gcrypt support.
2011-07-06 Andre Nollcrypt_common.c: Add missing doxygen documentation.
2011-07-06 Andre Nollcrypt: Move documentation to crypt.h.
2011-07-06 Andre Nollstream cipher: Allow in-place encryption.
2011-07-06 Andre Nollcrypt: Make base64_decode public.
2011-07-06 Andre Nollcrypt: Move implementation-independent code to separate...
2011-06-23 Andre NollMerge branch 't/alsa_drain_fix'
2011-06-23 Andre NollMerge branch 't/hup_fix'
2011-06-13 Andre NollClear score table on mood reload.
2011-06-13 Andre NollMerge branch 't/audiod_regex'
2011-06-08 Andre NollMerge branch 't/net_cleanups'
2011-06-06 Andre Nollalsa: Avoid busy loop at end of file.
2011-06-04 Andre Nollaft: Do not invalidate status items when closing the...
2011-06-03 Andre Nollaudiod: Document new regular expression syntax.
2011-06-03 Andre Nollaudiod: Simplify parse_receiver_args().
2011-06-03 Andre Nollaudiod: Allow regular expressions in filter config.
2011-06-03 Andre Nollaudiod: Allow regular expressions in writer config.
2011-06-03 Andre Nollaudiod: Allow regular expressions in receiver config.
2011-06-03 Andre NollAdd missing alsa_write.ggo to .gitignore.
2011-06-01 Andre Nollnew codename, reset version to git
2011-06-01 Andre Nollthe paraslash-0.4.7 release tarball
2011-06-01 Andre Nollparaslash 0.4.7 v0.4.7
2011-06-01 Andre Add ao_write.ggo to ggos.
2011-05-29 Andre Nollogg_get_file_info(): Fix off-by-one.
2011-05-28 Andre Nollalsa: Simplify pre_select().
2011-05-22 Andre NollDo not include net.h if it is not needed.
2011-05-22 Andre Nollnet.c: Combine host_and_port() and __get_sock_name().
2011-05-22 Andre NollConstify flowop functions.
2011-05-22 Andre NollMerge branch 't/decl_after_statement'
2011-05-22 Andre Nolldoxify version.h and git-version.h.
2011-05-15 Andre NollMove statements after declarations.
2011-05-15 Andre Nolldoxygen: Add some missing documentation.
2011-05-15 Andre Nolldoxygen: Exclude *.command_list.[ch].
2011-05-15 Andre NollMerge branch 't/ssh_keys'
2011-05-15 Andre NollMerge branch 't/const'
2011-05-06 Andre Nolllibao: Avoid segfault on com_cycle.
2011-05-05 Andre NollMerge branch 't/libao'
2011-04-26 Andre Nollmanual: Fix two typos.
2011-04-26 Andre Nollmanual: Change instructions for creating RSA keys.
2011-04-26 Andre Nollclient: Also try to load the private rsa-ssh key.
2011-04-26 Andre NollAdd support for ssh-rsa keys.
2011-04-26 Andre Nollfd: Allow passing NULL to para_munmap().
2011-04-23 Andre NollMark a couple of functions as const.
2011-04-23 Andre NollMerge branch 't/crypt_cleanups'
2011-04-21 Andre NollMake some variables static.
2011-04-21 Andre NollMerge branch 't/autogen'
2011-04-21 Andre NollKILL E_AO_WRITE.
2011-04-21 Andre NollImplement support for libao via the new ao writer.
2011-04-19 Andre Nollmanual: Mention that also DCCP streams are FEC-encoded.
2011-04-19 Andre NollFix typo in audiod man page.
2011-04-10 Andre NollNEWS update.
2011-04-08 Andre NollMerge branch 't/gvf'
2011-04-06 Andre Detect number of processors and run paralle...
2011-04-03 Andre NollNEWS update.
2011-04-03 Andre NollMerge branch 't/configure_improvements'
2011-03-31 Andre Nollnew codename, reset version to git
2011-03-31 Andre Nollthe paraslash-0.4.6 release tarball
2011-03-31 Andre Nollparaslash 0.4.6 v0.4.6
2011-03-31 Andre NollRemove two unused error codes.
2011-03-29 Andre NollMerge remote-tracking branch 'fml/master'
2011-03-29 Andre NollFix grab client resume.
2011-03-29 Andre Get rid of a bashism.
2011-03-28 Andre NollGet rid of some duplicate const qualifiers.
2011-03-28 Andre NollDon't compile files generated by gengetopt with -Wall.
2011-03-27 Andre NollDocument RC4_ALIGN.
2011-03-27 Andre Nollconfigure: Use AC_ARG_WITH also for openssl options.
2011-03-27 Andre NollUse SSL_CPPFLAGS only for compiling crypt.c
2011-03-27 Andre NollRemove some unnecessary includes.
2011-03-27 Andre NollMove sha1.[ch] to crypt.[ch] and make crypto API indepe...
2011-03-27 Andre NollRemove rc4.h.
2011-03-27 Andre Nollrename RC4_KEY_LEN to SESSION_KEY_LEN.
2011-03-27 Andre NollRename struct rc4_context and stream cipher send/receiv...
2011-03-27 Andre NollRemove autogenerated doxygen comments for commands.
2011-03-27 Andre NollReplace direct use of RC4 by stream cipher abstraction.
2011-03-27 Andre NollReplace RSA by an abstract asymmetric key structure.