2006-07-07 Andredccp_send: set IP_MULTICAST_LOOP for the ortp socket
2006-07-07 Andreortp_recv: Set remote address
2006-07-04 Andremysql selector: Always check return value of escape_str()
2006-07-03 Andreimprove and clean up audiod_status_dump()
2006-07-03 Andreaudiod: always dump the audio status
2006-07-02 Andrerecv.c: Fix receiver node eof handling
2006-07-02 AndreTrivial SFont cleanup
2006-07-02 Fix definition of PKGDATADIR
2006-07-02 Andresdl_gui.ggo: update stat command
2006-07-02 AndreFix core dump on audiod pipe errors
2006-07-02 Andrecompress filter: decrease default target signal level
2006-06-28 Andreclient: do not ignore startup log messages
2006-06-28 Andrefix some doxygen warnings
2006-06-28 Andreget rid of -DVERSION
2006-06-28 Small cleanup
2006-06-28 Andreupdate to autoconf-2.60
2006-06-25 AndreDon't exit if there are no more empty slots
2006-06-25 Andreaac: add "mp4" to suffixes for guess_audio_format()
2006-06-24 Andregui: fix default stat command
2006-06-23 Andreadd -Wshadow to CPPFLAGS
2006-06-23 Andrefix gcc warnings on shadowed declarations
2006-06-23 Andrefade: wake time defaults to "8 hours from now"
2006-06-22 Andreaudiod: fix receiver restart delay
2006-06-22 AndreReformat fade.ggo
2006-06-21 Andreclient_close(): disable crypt
2006-06-21 Andrefix memset bug in enable_crypt()
2006-06-20 Andrefix return value of para_reap_child()
2006-06-20 Andreaudiod: parse receiver arguments in reverse order
2006-06-18 Andrecomment out noisy debug messages
2006-06-17 Andrefix audiod stream delay
2006-06-16 Andredoxygen: Change color of function parameters
2006-06-16 Andreupdate to doxygen-1.4.7
2006-06-16 Andrefix gcc warning if COMPILE_TIME_LOGLEVEL is non-zero
2006-06-15 Andreadd documentation of struct signal_task
2006-06-15 Andreaudiod: make signal handling functions static
2006-06-15 Andredoxify client.h
2006-06-15 Andredo not use STDIN as a fd for select
2006-06-15 Andreclient_common.c: clean up log messages
2006-06-15 Andreupdate to libortp-0.10.0
2006-06-15 Andregui: mark all fds used for select() as non-blocking.
2006-06-15 Andreintegrate para_client into para_audiod
2006-06-15 Andrefix thinko in para_client's para_log()
2006-06-15 AndreFix some format string warnings on Max OS
2006-06-15 Andresplit client.c
2006-06-15 Andreaudiod clean_exit(): Only check status fd once
2006-06-15 Andreinit_tcp_socket: close socket fd on errors
2006-06-14 update to 0.2.13
2006-06-13 Andrereformat audioc.ggo
2006-06-13 Andreaudioc: kill unused --timeout option
2006-06-13 Andreaudioc: Kill debugging output
2006-06-13 AndreMake INSTALL, README and README.mysql grutatext-friendly
2006-06-13 Andremark all fds used for select() as non-blocking
2006-06-13 Andreget rid of init_shed()
2006-06-13 Andredoxify missing bits
2006-06-13 Andrecomplete documentation of stdin.* and stdout.*
2006-06-13 Andredoxify stdout.c
2006-06-13 Andrefix documentation of get_host_info()
2006-06-13 Andredoxify stdin.h
2006-06-12 AndreAdd scheduler documentation
2006-06-12 Andrefix cut-and paste typo.
2006-06-12 Andremake para_client use the scheduler.
2006-06-12 Andrestdout pre_select(): use a minimal delay on input eof
2006-06-12 Andrestring.c: fix split_args()
2006-06-12 Andreclient: introduce client_open()
2006-06-12 AndreMake crypo a per fd feature
2006-06-12 Andremove rc4_send_key and rc4_recv_key to struct private_cl...
2006-06-12 Andreclient: preparations for sched conversion
2006-06-11 Andreclient: rename "args_info" to "conf"
2006-06-11 Andreaudioc: do not duplicate E_CREDENTIALS
2006-06-11 Andreaudioc: use the error subsystem
2006-06-11 Andreunify web pages
2006-06-11 AndreFEATURES: reformat to grutatext-friendly style
2006-06-10 Andrerevert recent css changes
2006-06-10 Andreaudiod_command.c: fix doxygen file documentation
2006-06-10 Andredelete level3 in grutatext output
2006-06-10 Andrecss test
2006-06-10 Andreweb: replace <pre> by <p>
2006-06-10 Andreaacdec: Introduce error_count
2006-06-08 Andreaudiod: move af_status to struct status_task.
2006-06-07 Andresplit audiod
2006-06-06 Andrepara_client: use the error subsystem
2006-06-06 Andreclient: always log to stderr
2006-06-06 Andredccp_send/http_send: add all fds to close_on_fork_list
2006-06-06 Andrestruct writer: kill unused write_pointer and update...
2006-06-06 Andreaudiod: kill is_frozen() test
2006-06-05 Andrefix multiple simultaneous writers
2006-06-05 Andresimplify writer node group
2006-06-05 Andresched: nuke "flag" field of struct task
2006-06-05 Andreget_task_list(): construct a more detailed list
2006-06-05 Andredo not ignore SIGPIPE
2006-06-05 Andrealsa_writer pre_select: Only set a small timeout if...
2006-06-05 Andregttp_send: kill http_shutdown_clients_real()
2006-06-04 Andrehttp_send: shutdown clients even if status is not yet...
2006-06-04 Andrewrite_common: get rid of POST_ADD_TAIL
2006-06-04 AndreMore audiod fixes
2006-06-04 Andrefilter_chain: Don't return eof too early
2006-06-04 Andreadd some debugging to fd.c
2006-06-04 Andrekill some dead code
2006-06-04 Andresome audiod fixes
2006-06-01 Andrehttp_recv/dccp_recv: simplify post_select()