2007-09-14 Andre Nollafs: com_add() fixes and improvements.
2007-09-14 Andre Nollrc4: Round up output buffer size.
2007-09-13 Andre Nollaac_afh.c: Fix serious memory leak.
2007-09-13 Andre NollFix com_add segfault.
2007-09-13 Andre Nollogg_afh.c: Fix a memory leak.
2007-09-13 Andre Nollcom_add: Minor improvements.
2007-09-12 Andre Nollaft.c: Fix com_add().
2007-09-12 Andre Nollafs.c: Fix com_init().
2007-09-12 Andre Nollafs.c: Add log message, cast sizeof().
2007-09-12 Andre Nollstring.c: Use $HOME to get the home directory.
2007-09-12 Andre Nollvss_init(): Use FOR_EACH_AUDIO_FORMAT() instead of...
2007-09-10 Andre NollFix afs_shutdown().
2007-09-10 Andre Nollosl.c: Dereference pointer _after_ checking for NULL.
2007-09-10 Andre Nollafs: Replace DATABASE_DIR by a runtime config option.
2007-09-10 Andre Nollafs: Minor improvements and fixes.
2007-09-10 Andre NollFix two typos in documentation.
2007-09-10 Andre NollDoxyfile: set EXTRACT_ALL to yes.
2007-09-10 Andre NollAdd a new style file.
2007-09-10 Andre Nollafs com_add(): Recognize also audio formats different...
2007-09-09 Andre NollChange the type of the argv argument of all commands.
2007-09-09 Andre NollFix some format string warnings on x86_64.
2007-09-09 Andre NollAdd documentation for com_add().
2007-09-09 Andre Add to the list of...
2007-09-09 Andre Nollvss.c: Introduce get_audio_file_info().
2007-09-09 Andre Nollafh.h: Kill unused SUPPORTED_AUDIO_FORMATS_ARRAY.
2007-09-09 Andre Nollafs.c: Kill unused struct callback_data.
2007-09-09 Andre NollAdd a .gitignore file.
2007-09-09 Andre NollClean up afs.c.
2007-09-09 Andre NollAdd afs.cmd.
2007-09-08 Andre NollMake afs commands work.
2007-09-08 Andre NollIntroduce template commands for
2007-09-08 Andre NollImplement server side afs callbacks.
2007-09-08 Andre NollMake struct signal_task generic and make afs use it.
2007-09-08 Andre Nollpara_server: Initialize the new afs.
2007-09-08 Andre NollFix some signedness warnings.
2007-09-08 Andre NollMerge the new afs code.
2007-09-08 Andre Nollafh.h: Reduce AUDIO_FILE_INFO_SIZE.
2007-09-08 Andre Nollipc.c: Improve para_semop().
2007-09-08 Andre NollRename afs.[ch] to afs_common.[ch].
2007-09-04 Andre Nollaudiod: free pointer to config file path.
2007-09-04 Andre Nollaudiod: Fix a memory leak.
2007-09-04 Andre Nollaudiod: Simplify two log messages.
2007-09-02 Andre Nollnet.c: Improve documentation of struct crypt_data.
2007-09-02 Andre Nollnet.c: Fix a fd leak in create_local_socket().
2007-09-02 Andre Nollnet.c: Fix a typo in the documentation.
2007-09-02 Andre Noll[TRIVIAL]: rename create_pf_socket() to create_local_so...
2007-08-20 Andre NollFix some unsigned vs. size_t issues.
2007-08-13 Andre Nollfd.h: Kill two dead function prototypes.
2007-08-12 Andre Nollafh.h: Minor documentation improvements.
2007-08-12 Andre Nollmysql_selector.c: Check return value of regcomp().
2007-08-12 Andre NollNEWS update.
2007-08-12 Andre Nolldccp_send.c: Minor cleanups.
2007-08-12 Andre Nolldccp_send.c: Simplify send_queued_chunks().
2007-08-12 Andre Nolldccp_send.c: Implement chunk queuing for dccp.
2007-08-12 Andre NollMove chunk_queue stuff to own files chunk_queue.[ch].
2007-08-12 Andre Nollstruct http_client: Use a _pointer_ to the chunk_queue.
2007-08-12 Andre NollAbstract out chunk_queue code.
2007-08-12 Andre Nollenqueue_chunk(): pass a struct chunk_queue * instead...
2007-08-12 Andre NollIntroduce struct chunk_queue.
2007-08-12 Andre NollMerge branch 'chunk_queue' of /home/maan/scm/paraslash_...
2007-08-12 Andre Nollortp_recv: Always set default jitter compensation,...
2007-08-08 Andre NollRewrite chunk queueing.
2007-08-07 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Trivial whitespace and spelling cleanups.
2007-08-06 Andre NollDon't use depricated xxx_cmdline_parser_configfile().
2007-08-06 Andre NollMerge /home/maan/scm/paraslash_fml/paraslash
2007-08-06 Andre Nollpara_malloc(), para_realloc(): Check for zero size...
2007-08-06 Andre Nolldccp sender: Keep polling until an entry becomes free...
2007-07-10 Andre Nollaudioc: fix bufsize
2007-07-07 Andre Add check for alarm().
2007-07-07 Andre Nollringbuffer.c: fix two typos.
2007-07-07 Andre Nolltrivial doxygen cleanups
2007-07-07 Andre Nollmysql_selector: reset mysql_lock to zero after destroyi...
2007-07-07 Andre NollNEWS update
2007-07-07 Andre Nollnet.h: add missing __printf_2_3 attribute to send_va_bu...
2007-07-07 Andre Nollmysql_selector.c: introduce the myslq lock
2007-07-06 Andre extend checks for header, functions,...
2007-07-06 Andre Nolldccp_send.c: Replace bzero() by memset()
2007-07-04 Andre Nollortp_send.c: fix a gcc warning
2007-07-04 Andre Nollremove COPYING from the files to be converted by grutatxt
2007-07-04 Andre Nollremove GPL from the files to be converted by grutatxt
2007-07-04 Andre NollMerge /fml/ag-raetsch/home/maan/scm/paraslash_meins...
2007-07-03 Andre Nollfix trivial typo
2007-07-03 Andre Nollmake gengetopt-2.20 happy
2007-07-01 Andre Nollweb/license.html: make it clear that paraslash is licen...
2007-06-28 Andre Nollreplace standard GPL header by a one-line pointer to...
2007-06-25 Andre NollCOPYING: replace the short GPL text by the full version...
2007-06-25 Andre Nolltrivial typo fix
2007-06-11 Andre NollMerge /fml/ag-raetsch/home/maan/scm/paraslash_meins...
2007-06-10 Andre NollNEWS update
2007-06-10 Andre Nollclean up error.h
2007-06-03 Andre Nollogg_afh.c: add documentation of struct ogg_datasource
2007-06-03 Andre Nollallow variable arguments in LOG functions to be omitted...
2007-06-01 Andre Nolldccp_send.c: Fix type of "header_len" on x86_64
2007-06-01 Andre NollTrivial %d -> %zu format string fix
2007-05-26 Andre Nollfade: cosmetic cleanups
2007-05-26 Andre Nollfade.c: simplify open_mixer()
2007-05-26 Andre Nollfade.c: replace args_info by conf
2007-05-26 Andre Nollfade.c: Fix some signed issues
2007-05-26 Andre Nollfix some signed warnings in aac and mp3 decoders
2007-05-26 Andre Nollbe more carful wrt. signed vs. unsigned argument passing