2007-11-26 Andre NollRemove key.anonymous.
2007-11-25 Andre Nollcom_addatt: Minor improvements.
2007-11-25 Andre Nollstring.h: for_each_line_ro() takes a _pointer_ to the...
2007-11-25 Andre Nollafs.h: Add more documentation.
2007-11-25 Andre Nollafs.h: Fix typo in comment.
2007-11-25 Andre Nollafh_common.c: Add documentation of afh_init().
2007-11-25 Andre Nollerror.h: Cosmetics.
2007-11-25 Andre NollThe setatt command needs at least two arguments.
2007-11-25 Andre NollFix a couple of typos in error messages.
2007-11-25 Andre Nollcom_setatt(): Generate an afs event if attributes were...
2007-11-25 Andre Nollgiweb.css: Make backround color for commit messages...
2007-11-25 Andre Nollnet.c: Typo.
2007-11-25 Andre Nollafs.h: Make doxygen happy again.
2007-11-25 Andre NollREADME.afs: Minor improvements.
2007-11-25 Andre NollRename init_tcp_socket() to tcp_listen() and further...
2007-11-25 Andre NollIntroduce tcp_connect().
2007-11-25 Andre Nollnet.c: Cosmetics.
2007-11-25 Andre NollKill E_ACCEPT.
2007-11-25 Andre NollGet rid of E_SEND.
2007-11-25 Andre NollGet rid of E_RECV.
2007-11-24 Andre NollMinor doxygen improvements.
2007-11-24 Andre Nollogg_afh.c: Increase eof timeval.
2007-11-24 Andre Nollgui: Reorder display of status items.
2007-11-24 Andre Nollgui.c: Handle empty status items properly.
2007-11-24 Andre Nollgui.c: Cosmetics.
2007-11-24 Andre Nollgui.c: Increase numbers of color pairs not related...
2007-11-24 Andre NollRename mood_method "name_like" to "path_matches".
2007-11-24 Andre NollFix rename detection.
2007-11-24 Andre Nollcom_lsblob(): Fix sorting order.
2007-11-24 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/fml/master'
2007-11-23 Andre NollDefine XOPEN_SOURCE and __EXTENSIONS__ on Solaris.
2007-11-23 Andre NollDon't garbage-collect sections.
2007-11-23 Andre NollRename mark_fd_nonblock() to mark_fd_nonblocking().
2007-11-23 Andre NollRename sched() to schedule().
2007-11-23 Andre NollREQUIREMENTS: Add pointers to software packages.
2007-11-23 Andre Nollnet.c: Return proper error value in recv_bin_buffer().
2007-11-23 Andre NollIn handle_connect() we really need a blocking fd for...
2007-11-23 Andre NollReplace shebang in bash scripts.
2007-11-23 Andre Nollafs.c: Simplify activate_mood_or_playlist().
2007-11-23 Andre NollAdd wrapper for isspace().
2007-11-21 Andre Nollgitweb.css: Improve readability.
2007-11-21 Andre NollAdd some gitweb-releated stuff.
2007-11-20 Andre Minor improvements.
2007-11-20 Andre NollRemove another link to the live-demo.
2007-11-20 Andre NollKill live-demo web page.
2007-11-20 Andre NollAdd final 0.2.17 stuff.
2007-11-20 Andre Nollthe paraslash-0.2.17 release tarball
2007-11-20 Andre NollFix html header.
2007-11-20 Andre Replace in clone command.
2007-11-19 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/meins/v0.3' into v0.3
2007-11-19 Andre NollAnnounce NetBSD Port.
2007-11-18 Andre Nollaft.c: Simplify print_list_item().
2007-11-18 Andre Nollaft.c: Do not print directory if LS_FLAG_FULL_PATH...
2007-11-18 Andre Nollaft.c ls -lm: Fix unmapping of lyrics file.
2007-11-18 Andre NollFix handling of invalid entries in the score table.
2007-11-18 Andre NollAdd additional sanity checks to osl_get_rank().
2007-11-18 Andre NollFix osl_del_row().
2007-11-17 Andre Nollopen_and_update_audio_file(): Interchange two arguments.
2007-11-17 Andre NollREQUIREMENTS: Kill an incomplete sentence, add git.
2007-11-17 Andre NollIntroduce vss_stopped().
2007-11-17 Andre NollFix com_pause().
2007-11-17 Andre Nollfade.c: Fix client_cmd()
2007-11-17 Andre Nollstat.c: Cosmetics.
2007-11-13 Andre Nollmake_empty_status_items(): Add spaces after status...
2007-11-13 Andre NollFix tv_divide().
2007-11-11 Andre NollFix com_nomore.
2007-11-11 Andre NollAvoid some gcc warnings.
2007-11-11 Andre NollAvoid empty lines in the status output.
2007-11-11 Andre NollIntroduce make_empty_status_items().
2007-11-11 Andre NollAdd more status items.
2007-11-10 Andre NollUse FOR_EACH_STATUS_ITEM everywhere.
2007-11-10 Andre Nollhandle status items via autoconf.
2007-11-03 Andre NollStore chunk info in the afhi column rather than in...
2007-11-03 Andre Nollaft.c: Fix a possible memory leak.
2007-11-03 Andre NollREADME, INSTALL: Small improvements.
2007-11-02 Andre NollMore status item renames.
2007-11-02 Andre NollDon't report server uptime as status item.
2007-11-02 Andre NollRename audio_info status items and get rid of duplicate...
2007-11-02 Andre NollInterchange two lines in load_afhi().
2007-11-02 Andre NollMake the status item list globally visible.
2007-11-02 Andre Nollaudiod.c: Add missing space.
2007-11-02 Andre Nollscore.c: Use the new OSL_DONT_FREE flag for the aft...
2007-11-01 Andre Nollosl: Introduce volatile columns that need not be freed.
2007-11-01 Andre NollFix duplicate afs event add.
2007-11-01 Andre NollAlways print a space after each status item identifier.
2007-11-01 Andre NollGet rid of afd->afsi and rename afs_status_info to...
2007-11-01 Andre NollKill afd->current_play_mode.
2007-11-01 Andre Nollkill afd->score.
2007-11-01 Andre NollGet rid of afd->path.
2007-11-01 Andre NollRename length status item to seconds_total and print...
2007-11-01 Andre NollFix number of whitespaces in duration status item.
2007-11-01 Andre NollAlways write image_name and lyrics_name status output.
2007-11-01 Andre NollSplit lyrics and image lines in stat output.
2007-11-01 Andre NollKill duplicate audio format handler info string in...
2007-11-01 Andre NollKill duplicate num_played status item.
2007-11-01 Andre NollKill more duplicate status items.
2007-11-01 Andre NollKill duplicate audio format status item.
2007-11-01 Andre NollKill unused afd.attributes_string.
2007-11-01 Andre NollFix an off-by-one bug.
2007-11-01 Andre NollDon't compute attributes string twice.