2013-09-26 Richardextended read me file public
2013-09-26 Richardadded readme file
2013-09-26 Richardrenamed files formerly p8 and p7, removed p6 and now...
2013-09-26 Richardmerged p4 and p6
2013-09-25 Richardadded run specific config files, changed p1 to accomoda...
2013-09-25 Richardadded specific config files
2013-09-24 ebenardin configFile: added parameters used for the 454 analys...
2013-09-24 ebenarddebug p2_sort, p7_decontamination, p8_detect_mutants_in...
2013-09-23 ebenarddebug algo modified to avoid duplicates
2013-09-20 ebenardrename, merge and debug (not yet finished) the decontam...
2013-09-20 ebenardMerge branch 'office' of /ebio/ag-neher/share/users...
2013-09-20 Richardchanged =[] to append in line with defaultdict(list)
2013-09-20 Richard Neherstreamlining
2013-09-19 ebenarddebug
2013-09-19 Richardcontinued stream lining
2013-09-19 Richard Nehercontiued streamlining
2013-09-18 Richardreorganized file names etc
2013-09-17 Richard Neherstreamlined p3-p7 to be tested tomorrow
2013-09-10 Richardremoved pdf output
2013-09-10 Richardremoved fastq, little changes in scripts (introduced...
2013-09-09 ebenardadded git ignore
2013-09-09 ebenarddebug
2013-09-09 ebenardadd import line (debug)
2013-09-09 ebenardinitial version