+ changed check for intial setting of old_w. (matrix != None does not work in cvxopt)
[qpalma.git] / ParaParser /
2008-10-23 Fabio+ update makefiles to fetch automatically valid Python...
2008-10-22 Fabio+ fixed automatic Python path settings in Makefiles
2008-09-01 Fabio+ added some flags to Makefile args
2008-06-03 fabio+ return value is a tuple now containing the original...
2008-06-02 fabio+ added compatiblity to PipelineHeuristic parser
2008-06-02 fabio+ removed stupid temp file
2008-06-02 fabio+ added VECTOR and MAP mode to ParaParser in order...
2008-06-02 fabio+ added some assertions
2008-06-02 fabio+ found string splitting bug
2008-06-02 fabio+ rewrote some data storage code
2008-06-02 fabio+ added generice parser code