+ set proper logging in optimizer code
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2008-10-20 Fabio+ restructured test cases
2008-10-15 Fabio+ fixed issue with negative strand in lookup table
2008-10-15 Fabio+ extended manual to describe output file format
2008-10-13 Fabio+ extended documentation
2008-10-13 Fabio+ fixed some issues with the splice site scores and...
2008-10-10 Fabio+ extended docu
2008-10-07 Fabio+ cleaned up directories
2008-10-07 Fabio+ renamed dyn_prog directory
2008-10-02 Fabio+ removed load_genomic dependency
2008-09-22 Fabio+ added some documentary text
2008-09-16 Fabio+ added some text and references to the documentation
2008-09-10 Fabio+ added configuration file parsing and checking functions
2008-09-09 Fabio+ added settings in the form of a global and a run...
2008-09-05 Fabio+ added small parts to docu
2008-09-01 Fabio+ added some docu
2008-09-01 fabio+ added documentation