+ moved pythn data tools to new dir
[qpalma.git] / python / computeSpliceAlignWithQuality.py
2008-01-22 fabio+ fixed bug in the label feature calculation
2008-01-18 fabio+ added a toy data random generator
2008-01-16 fabio+ fixed matchmatrix for the quality case to be a 1x6...
2008-01-16 fabio+ some minor fixes
2008-01-15 fabio+ added some assertions
2008-01-14 fabio+ changed interface for decoded plif features -> direct...
2008-01-14 fabio+ disabled don/acc scores properly
2008-01-11 fabio+ modifications and bugfixes
2008-01-10 fabio+ fixed some index bugs in the c code
2008-01-08 fabio+ added feature calculation for the labels
2008-01-06 fabio+ added part of the feature calculation for the quality...