+ update makefiles to fetch automatically valid Python includes and libs
[qpalma.git] / qpalma / DatasetUtils.py
2008-10-23 Fabio+ update makefiles to fetch automatically valid Python...
2008-10-22 Fabio+ changed parameter handling a bit (input files command...
2008-10-22 Fabio+ fixed automatic Python path settings in Makefiles
2008-10-21 Fabio+ set proper logging in optimizer code
2008-10-20 Fabio+ restructured test cases
2008-10-15 Fabio+ fixed alignment index calculation for negative strand
2008-10-13 Fabio+ extended documentation
2008-10-08 Fabio+ got rid of some legacy code
2008-10-02 Fabio+ added sample configuration file
2008-09-29 Fabio+ extended pipeline code
2008-09-13 Fabiofixed minor inconsistencies in the code (naming of...
2008-09-13 Fabio+ added paths for the dataset generation
2008-09-11 Fabio+ added dataset generation function for training set
2008-09-10 Fabio+ changed dataset compilation to support new framework