+ fixed bug in the index calculation of donor/acceptor scores
[qpalma.git] / scripts / Experiment.py
2008-03-07 fabio+ changed training method to work with new dataset...
2008-03-05 fabio+ refactored code further
2008-02-28 fabio+ extended scripts
2008-02-25 fabio+ performed some further refactoring
2008-02-25 fabio+ dataset size is smaller now (just storing indices).
2008-02-18 fabio+ added code to allow for configuration
2008-02-11 fabio+ model selection scripts are ready
2008-02-11 fabio+ added minor functionality pprinting ...
2008-02-11 fabio+ added basic scripts to generate runs for an experiment
2008-02-11 fabio+ added scripts for model selection on the cluster