+ added some documentary text
[qpalma.git] / scripts / createAlignmentFileFromPrediction.py
2008-09-22 Fabio+ added some documentary text
2008-09-16 Fabio+ added some text and references to the documentation
2008-09-14 Fabio+ added module to convert pickled predictions to severa...
2008-09-10 Fabio+ changed module hierarchy a bit
2008-09-01 Fabio+ removed some obsolete dependencies
2008-08-11 fabio+ found negative strand bug
2008-08-07 fabio+ fixed bug in position calculation for negative strand
2008-06-30 fabio+ pruned a lot of import declarations
2008-06-18 fabio+ added alignment reconstruction function
2008-06-12 fabio+ added selection option for alignment format
2008-06-11 fabio+ changed output format of alignment file script to...
2008-06-11 fabio+ minor changes to support transcriptome data
2008-05-26 fabio+ minor changes
2008-04-19 fabio+ added faster evaluation function
2008-04-17 fabio+ added small script for the evaluation of the first...
2008-04-17 fabio+ changed alignment output format to be more blat-like
2008-04-17 fabio+ extended alignment script
2008-04-16 fabio+ added new format for QPalma alignment output
2008-04-16 fabio+ added field to prediction dict