+ added framework code for training modus
[qpalma.git] / scripts / qpalma_main.py
2008-09-05 Fabio+ added small parts to docu
2008-09-02 Fabio+ added license text
2008-09-01 Fabio+ got rid of some unneccessary code
2008-09-01 Fabio+ changed python and c code in order to perform easier...
2008-09-01 Fabio+ removed some obsolete dependencies
2008-09-01 Fabio+ added some docu
2008-08-11 fabio+ found negative strand bug
2008-06-30 fabio+ pruned a lot of import declarations
2008-06-18 fabio+ added alignment reconstruction function
2008-06-15 fabio+ saving alignment information now in array container...
2008-06-11 fabio+ changed output format of alignment file script to...
2008-05-30 fabio+ moved sequence access functions to own module
2008-05-26 fabio+ minor changes
2008-05-14 fabio+ take into account multiple hits per unique read
2008-05-13 fabio+ adapted training method to use new dataset standard
2008-05-11 fabio+ removed obsolete code
2008-04-22 fabio+ fix changes we made so far
2008-04-18 fabio+ changed code for prediction -> easier and faster
2008-04-18 fabio+ changed prediction
2008-04-17 fabio+ changed alignment output format to be more blat-like
2008-04-16 fabio+ minor modifications to allow for parallel prediction...
2008-04-16 fabio+ added field to prediction dict
2008-04-14 fabio+ finished first running version of the spliced/unsplic...
2008-03-20 fabio+ minor changes in qpalma_main to take into accout...
2008-03-20 fabio+ minor changes in Evaluation an soap remapping wrapper
2008-03-18 fabio+ added splice site score exception to training/prediction
2008-03-17 fabio+ removed duplicated code
2008-03-14 fabio+ training works,
2008-03-12 fabio+ fixed nasty index bugs in the when creating the label...
2008-03-11 fabio+ now using the new interval query interface
2008-03-10 fabio+ fixed bug in the index calculation of donor/acceptor...
2008-03-07 fabio+ changed training method to work with new dataset...
2008-03-06 fabio+ refactored compile dataset -> removed remaining redun...
2008-03-05 fabio+ refactored code further
2008-02-28 fabio+ extended scripts
2008-02-27 fabio+ minor changes
2008-02-26 fabio+ first running version of Evaluation script
2008-02-25 fabio+ performed some further refactoring
2008-02-25 fabio+ did some refactoring to reduce duplicated code
2008-02-25 fabio+ dataset size is smaller now (just storing indices).
2008-02-18 fabio+ added code to allow for configuration
2008-02-11 fabio+ added scripts for model selection on the cluster
2008-02-10 fabio+ changed filter behavior (tendency towards smaller...
2008-02-10 fabio+ fixed a bug in the filtering (forgot to disable remov...
2008-02-08 fabio+ fixed bug in the computeSpliceAlign... function
2008-02-08 fabio+ minor changes to filterReads
2008-02-06 fabio+ resolved an issue with the memory mapping in filterReads
2008-02-06 fabio+ rearranged code
2008-02-05 fabio+ extended dataset compilation function
2008-02-05 fabio+ minor bugfixes in the compile_dataset script
2008-02-04 fabio+ minor changes
2008-02-04 fabio+ modified filtering of reads
2008-01-31 fabio+ extended evaluation function to return positionwise...
2008-01-28 fabio+ removed duplicated code
2008-01-25 fabio+ renamed files