+ set proper logging in optimizer code
[qpalma.git] / tests /
2008-10-21 Fabio+ set proper logging in optimizer code
2008-10-20 Fabio+ restructured test cases
2008-10-15 Fabio+ fixed issue with negative strand in lookup table
2008-10-15 Fabio+ extended manual to describe output file format
2008-10-15 Fabio+ fixed alignment index calculation for negative strand
2008-10-14 Fabio+ fixed minor bugs
2008-10-14 Fabio+ extended test cases
2008-10-13 Fabio+ extended documentation
2008-10-13 Fabio+ fixed some issues with the splice site scores and...
2008-10-10 Fabio+ extended docu
2008-10-08 Fabio+ got rid of some legacy code
2008-09-30 Fabio+ combined two scripts that were responsible for genera...
2008-09-02 Fabio+ added license text
2008-09-01 Fabio+ changed python and c code in order to perform easier...
2008-09-01 Fabio+ removed some obsolete dependencies
2008-09-01 fabio+ minor changes in the paths
2008-08-11 fabio+ found negative strand bug
2008-08-06 fabio+ added some testcases
2008-07-29 fabio+ added some testcases for sequence_utils module
2008-07-09 fabio+ some bugfixes