optimized heuristic
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2008-04-17 fabio+ updated filtering
2008-03-06 fabio+ fixed index of reads in filterReads
2008-03-05 fabio+ refactored code further
2008-02-11 fabio+ added scripts for model selection on the cluster
2008-02-10 fabio+ changed filter behavior (tendency towards smaller...
2008-02-10 fabio+ fixed a bug in the filtering (forgot to disable remov...
2008-02-09 fabio+ fixed bug in the combination of reads with deletions
2008-02-09 fabio+ fixed bug in the filtering function (if read offset...
2008-02-09 fabio+ extended filtering to take indels [A-] resp. [-A...
2008-02-08 fabio+ minor changes to filterReads
2008-02-07 fabio+ fixed uninitialised values
2008-02-07 fabio+ new version of the filterReads program
2008-02-07 fabio+ some fixes of the filterReads and parser functions
2008-02-06 fabio+ resolved an issue with the memory mapping in filterReads
2008-02-05 fabio+ extended dataset compilation function
2008-02-04 fabio+ minor changes
2008-02-04 fabio+ modified filtering of reads
2008-02-02 fabio+ added read structure for new parser
2008-01-28 fabio+ removed duplicated code
2008-01-25 fabio+ added exons read boundary output to filterReads output
2008-01-23 fabio+ minor mods
2008-01-23 fabio+ changed output in the filterReads
2008-01-23 fabio+ restored functionality
2008-01-23 fabio+ some changes concerning filter params
2008-01-23 fabio+ small changes
2008-01-09 fabio+ added fasta parser for TAIR7 sequences
2008-01-09 fabio+ restored old filtering functionality -> reads have...
2008-01-07 fabio+ changed reads combination in order to allow for overl...
2007-12-28 fabio+ changed filter criteria
2007-12-22 fabio+ loosened filtering criterion
2007-12-22 fabio+ found bug which caused ~10 reads of overlap "0"
2007-12-21 fabio+ added missing check for strand orientation
2007-12-20 fabio+ added support for writing in result file
2007-12-20 fabio+ optimized and fixed map file parser
2007-12-20 fabio+ compacted parser code
2007-12-19 fabio+ parser works now with mmap and sscanf
2007-12-19 fabio+ added processing function for reads
2007-12-18 fabio+ wrote faster parser / file processing tools in C
2007-12-17 fabio+ added python parsers for gff and solexa / read files