2008-07-09 fabio+ wrapped sequence and score functions in order to...
2008-07-09 fabio+ some bugfixes
2008-07-04 fabio+ interesting version : it crashes but valgrind detects...
2008-07-04 fabio+ recalculating exons boundaries fixed
2008-07-04 fabio+ added reverse complementation to filter reads function
2008-07-03 fabio+ moved tools from training dataset generation to their...
2008-07-03 fabio+ saving changes in the dataset generation
2008-07-02 fabio+ some optimization
2008-06-30 fabio+ pruned a lot of import declarations
2008-06-26 fabio+ moved penalty lookup and compute_doncc to Plif module
2008-06-25 fabio+ removed unnecessary file
2008-06-25 fabio+ cleaning up code base
2008-06-24 fabio+ added small program for intron-position comparison
2008-06-23 fabio+ added proper treatment of reads overlapping into...
2008-06-20 fabio+ added checks to see whether reads lie in the 250nuc...
2008-06-20 fabio+ optimized dataset generation/storage
2008-06-18 fabio+ cleaning up scripts directory
2008-06-18 fabio+ added alignment reconstruction function
2008-06-16 fabio+ added two scripts for the psl2gff step
2008-06-15 fabio+ saving alignment information now in array container...
2008-06-12 fabio+ added selection option for alignment format
2008-06-11 fabio+ changed output format of alignment file script to...
2008-06-11 fabio+ minor changes to support transcriptome data
2008-06-05 fabio+ fixed some bugs in the negative strand lookup table
2008-06-04 fabio+ extended Lookup object to support negative strand
2008-06-04 fabio+ fixed other bug (missing n last entries of the accept...
2008-06-04 fabio+ fixed index error for negative stand queries of splic...
2008-06-03 fabio+ added code for negative strand processing
2008-06-03 fabio+ added script to parallelize QPalma heuristic on the...
2008-06-03 fabio+ return value is a tuple now containing the original...
2008-06-02 fabio+ added compatiblity to PipelineHeuristic parser
2008-06-02 fabio+ removed stupid temp file
2008-06-02 fabio+ added VECTOR and MAP mode to ParaParser in order...
2008-06-02 fabio+ added some assertions
2008-06-02 fabio+ found string splitting bug
2008-06-02 fabio+ rewrote some data storage code
2008-06-02 fabio+ fix starting point for rewrite of data accession...
2008-06-02 fabio+ added generice parser code
2008-05-30 fabio+ original reads sequence now has to be reconstructred...
2008-05-30 fabio+ added missing modules imports
2008-05-30 fabio+ shell script for the heuristic run
2008-05-30 fabio+ removed unnecessary numpy dependency
2008-05-30 fabio+ added modifications of parser to repo
2008-05-30 fabio+ removed files
2008-05-30 fabio+ minor changes
2008-05-30 fabio+ moved sequence access functions to own module
2008-05-30 fabio+ added dataset generation function to dataset specific...
2008-05-30 fabio+ moved qpalma dataset generation scripts
2008-05-30 fabio+ added a script that processes the single lane files...
2008-05-30 fabio+ added some more scripts from the dataset processing
2008-05-30 fabio+ added small counting script
2008-05-26 fabio+ minor changes
2008-05-21 fabio+ added script which draws the coverage bar plots prese...
2008-05-21 fabio+ changed data loading procedures
2008-05-16 fabio+ added missing free for line array
2008-05-15 fabio+ minor modifications
2008-05-15 fabio+ modified module in order to act like a database retur...
2008-05-15 fabio+ coded alternative implementation using a list per...
2008-05-15 fabio+ fixed seq size bug
2008-05-15 fabio+ fixed a bug in the sscanf
2008-05-15 fabio+ removed binaries
2008-05-15 fabio+ added python module for reads parsing as plain python...
2008-05-14 fabio+ take into account multiple hits per unique read
2008-05-14 fabio+ made original reads file location a parameter for...
2008-05-14 fabio+ First fully working version.
2008-05-14 fabio+ changed dataset compiler to take the two different...
2008-05-14 fabio+ first version of a script that uses pythongrid
2008-05-13 fabio+ added configuration variables to main config file
2008-05-13 fabio+ sanity checks for the global config file
2008-05-13 fabio+ adapted training method to use new dataset standard
2008-05-12 fabio+ changed dataset representation
2008-05-11 fabio+ removed obsolete code
2008-05-11 fabio+ removed lot of redundant/old code from the dataset...
2008-04-22 fabio+ fix changes we made so far
2008-04-21 fabio+ Aaaarghh found stupid bug in the parser (Case stateme...
2008-04-19 fabio+ support dangling end for unspliced reads in computeSp...
2008-04-19 fabio+ added faster evaluation function
2008-04-19 fabio+ fixed some index bugs in the evaluation
2008-04-18 fabio+ using new parsers now
2008-04-18 fabio+ changed code for prediction -> easier and faster
2008-04-18 fabio+ optimized parsers
2008-04-18 fabio+ fixed missing newlines in output
2008-04-18 fabio+ changed prediction
2008-04-18 fabio+ pipeline parse is much faster now,
2008-04-18 fabiominor changes of paths
2008-04-18 fabio+ Lookup table checked for pos. strand
2008-04-18 fabio+ added wrapper class for prefetching of genomic sequen...
2008-04-18 raetschgit-svn-id: svn.tuebingen.mpg.de/ag-raetsch/projects...
2008-04-18 raetschoptimized heuristic
2008-04-18 fabio+ saving results in two files (spliced/unspliced)
2008-04-18 raetschheuristic seems to work well
2008-04-18 fabio+ added if statement to create numpy mat for unspliced...
2008-04-18 fabiogit-svn-id: svn.tuebingen.mpg.de/ag-raetsch/projects...
2008-04-18 fabioadded file
2008-04-18 fabiomissing files
2008-04-18 fabio+ added solver wrapper for cvxopt
2008-04-18 fabioanother module init
2008-04-18 fabiomodule init
2008-04-18 raetschgit-svn-id: svn.tuebingen.mpg.de/ag-raetsch/projects...
2008-04-18 fabio+ a slighlty better way to create a big dataset