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9 abstract = {Single-stranded {RNA} viruses encompass broad classes of infectious agents and cause the common cold, cancer, {AIDS} and other serious health threats. Viral replication is regulated at many levels, including the use of conserved genomic {RNA} structures. Most potential regulatory elements in viral {RNA} genomes are uncharacterized. Here we report the structure of an entire {HIV-1} genome at single nucleotide resolution using {SHAPE}, a high-throughput {RNA} analysis technology. The genome encodes protein structure at two levels. In addition to the correspondence between {RNA} and protein primary sequences, a correlation exists between high levels of {RNA} structure and sequences that encode inter-domain loops in {HIV} proteins. This correlation suggests that {RNA} structure modulates ribosome elongation to promote native protein folding. Some simple genome elements previously shown to be important, including the ribosomal gag-pol frameshift stem-loop, are components of larger {RNA} motifs. We also identify organizational principles for unstructured {RNA} regions, including splice site acceptors and hypervariable regions. These results emphasize that the {HIV-1} genome and, potentially, many coding {RNAs} are punctuated by previously unrecognized regulatory motifs and that extensive {RNA} structure constitutes an important component of the genetic code.},
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