2013-06-06 Richardreformat for JVI publication
2013-06-06 Richardsubmission to JVI
2013-06-06 Fabio Zaninia few more little changes
2013-06-06 Fabio Zaniniintro: dumped nonsyn and shrunk codon usage
2013-06-06 Fabio ZaniniText changes + fig 3A for color blind
2013-06-05 Fabio Zaninimore little changes
2013-06-05 Fabio ZaniniMerge branch 'temp' into new_submission: scripts.
2013-06-05 Fabio Zaninilittle changes in discussion
2013-06-05 Richardfixed typos
2013-06-05 Richardlittle changes
2013-06-05 Fabio ZaniniMore on the same
2013-06-05 Fabio ZaniniModified fixation_times script to include nonsynonymous
2013-06-05 Richardstreamlining discussion
2013-06-04 Richardchanges, mostly in discussion
2013-05-31 Fabio ZaniniImplemented Richard's suggestions (including 'mutation...
2013-05-29 Fabio ZaniniMore discussion on RNA stuff + citations
2013-05-26 Fabio ZaniniTest changes, still not done with cites
2013-05-17 Fabio ZaniniSome aesthetic stuff from Richard which I had forgotten
2013-05-17 Fabio ZaniniFigure labels size, little text
2013-05-17 Fabio ZaniniSmall changes in text
2013-05-17 Fabio ZaniniOld text
2013-03-12 Fabio ZaniniAuthor summary
2013-03-12 Fabio Zaniniremove packages disliked by plos
2013-03-12 Fabio ZaniniFormat for PLoS CompBio: missing author summary
2013-03-12 Fabio Zaninismall fig changes
2013-03-12 Fabio ZaniniMerge branch 'publication' (small typo)
2013-03-04 Richard Neheracknowledgment typo
2013-03-04 Richard Neherpublic
2013-03-04 Richard Neherno hyperref
2013-03-04 Richard Neherfixed typos, thanks Taylor
2013-03-01 Fabio ZaniniLittle changes here and there
2013-03-01 Fabio Zaninisupplementary figures correct numbering
2013-03-01 Richard Neherlittle edits here and there, moved supplement body...
2013-02-28 Fabio Zaninifig2a little aesthetics
2013-02-28 Richard Neherredid Fig 2a, adjusted text
2013-02-26 Fabio Zaninitypo
2013-02-26 Fabio ZaniniFigures'labels.
2013-02-26 Richard Neherincorporated Pleuni's and Jan's comments, still need...
2013-02-26 Fabio ZaniniJan suggestions (fig labels)
2013-02-15 Fabio Zaniniword version for Jan
2013-02-13 richardtypes and edits in figure captions
2013-02-13 Fabio Zaninitext small changes
2013-02-12 Fabio ZaniniFig.1 has p10; Fig S3 -> S3/S4; more details on epitope...
2013-02-12 richardedits throughout, reorganized discussion and supplement
2013-02-11 Fabio Zaninidiscussion reshuffled
2013-02-11 Fabio Zanininew Fig 4B plus some editing
2013-02-10 Fabio Zaninisupplement only captions, more details about simulation...
2013-02-09 richardEdits in main text and supplement. Supplement needs...
2013-02-06 Fabio ZaniniSHAPE files plus simulation script
2013-02-04 Fabio Zaninismall change in the methods
2013-02-04 Fabio Zaninilifted remote external dependencies (should be self...
2013-02-04 Fabio Zaninialignments added
2013-02-04 Fabio Zaniniscripts for supplementary
2013-02-04 Fabio Zaninisimulation scripts
2013-02-04 Fabio ZaniniPCA of good patient in suppl
2013-02-04 Fabio Zaniniall experimental scripts (but no alignments yet, nor...
2013-02-03 Fabio Zaniniadded first scripts
2013-02-03 Fabio Zaninifig.1 refers to p1
2013-02-03 Fabio Zaninitext small changes
2013-02-01 Fabio Zaninisupplementary first draft
2013-01-30 Fabio Zaniniadded 2nd rev exon to conservation plot
2013-01-30 Richardrewrote discussion and abstract
2013-01-29 Fabio Zaninicorrected time-dep sims and figure adaptations
2013-01-29 Fabio ZaniniMerge remote-tracking branch 'inn/master'
2013-01-29 Fabio Zaniniexemplary figure on both complex epitopes and time...
2013-01-29 RichardMerge branch 'master' of inn.eb.local:/ebio/ag-neher...
2013-01-29 Richardedits in captions
2013-01-29 Fabio ZaniniSimulations both gating (syn and nonsyn)
2013-01-29 Fabio ZaniniMerge remote-tracking branch 'inn/master'
2013-01-29 Fabio Zaninifig 2B without rev/tat second exon
2013-01-28 RichardMerge branch 'master' of inn.eb.local:/ebio/ag-neher...
2013-01-28 Richardcombed through the text. Discussion and captions still...
2013-01-28 Fabio Zaninihistograms for SHAPE instead of cumulative
2013-01-28 Richardmerged conflict, take care of figure captions
2013-01-28 RichardMerge branch 'master' of inn.eb.local:/ebio/ag-neher...
2013-01-28 Richardmy changes
2013-01-28 Fabio Zaninitext revisited around new figure
2013-01-28 Fabio Zanininew figure from simulations, broader
2013-01-25 Fabio ZaniniAdded bootstrap on Pfix
2013-01-24 Fabio Zaninifigures adapted
2013-01-23 Richardmerged conflicts
2013-01-23 Fabio ZaniniText adapted to new figures
2013-01-22 Fabio Zanininew figures from simulations
2013-01-04 Richardedits throughout, added a few references
2013-01-02 Fabio Zaninimerge few details
2013-01-02 Fabio ZaniniMerge remote-tracking branch 'richard/master'
2013-01-02 Fabio Zaninifigures updates
2012-12-28 Richarddon't know exactly
2012-12-23 Richardresolved conflict
2012-12-23 Richardminor edits
2012-12-21 Fabio Zaninismall changes here and there
2012-12-20 Fabio ZaniniMethods
2012-12-15 Fabio Zaninireview, more supplementary figures
2012-12-12 Fabio ZaniniSynonymous conservation
2012-12-08 Fabio Zaninisome changes applied
2012-12-06 Richardmajor rearrangements, rewriting -> first draft from...
2012-12-06 Richardmajor rearrangements, rewriting -> first draft from...
2012-12-04 Fabio ZaniniCoalescent tree + C2-V5
2012-12-03 Fabio Zaninitypo + caption package
2012-12-02 Fabio Zaninidraft0