descriptiongsu - the global subcommand utility
ownerAndre Noll
last changeWed, 19 Oct 2022 20:24:57 +0000 (22:24 +0200)
2022-10-19 Andre NollImplement help -a. master
2022-10-16 Andre Nollsubcommand: Properly escape example lines in maindoc.
2022-09-22 Andre Nollsubcommand: Fix -e of com_prefs().
2021-03-19 Andre Nollsubcommand: Declare local variable i of gsu_getopts...
2021-03-19 Andre Nollsubcommand: Declare two variables of gsu_getopts()...
2020-09-17 Andre Nollsubcommand: Don't print error messages to stdout.
2019-03-24 Andre NollAllow for more than one config file.
2019-02-01 Andre NollAdd home page link.
2019-01-19 Andre Nolllogo: Don't fill the path.
2018-12-20 Andre NollSimplify arithmetic evaluation.
2018-07-19 Andre Nollman: Make "roff" the default output mode.
2018-02-17 Andre Nollcom_prefs(): Add missing space character.
2017-11-30 Andre NollRedo the logo as svg.
2017-11-30 Andre NollFall back to filename completion if no completer is...
2017-11-30 Andre Nollsubcommand: Fix and document return value of gsu_comple...
2017-11-30 Andre Nollsubcommand: Implement roff and html output for com_man().
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