Get rid of E_OSL_STAT.
[osl.git] / errlist
1 BAD_DB_DIR "invalid database directory"
2 NO_COLUMN_DESC "missing column description"
3 BAD_NAME "invalid name for a column/table"
4 BAD_STORAGE_TYPE "invalid storage type"
5 BAD_STORAGE_FLAGS "invalid storage flags"
6 NO_COLUMN_NAME "missing column name"
7 NO_COLUMNS "at least one column required"
8 BAD_COLUMN_NAME "invalid name for a table column"
9 NO_UNIQUE_RBTREE_COLUMN "need at least one mapped column with OSL_UNIQE and OSL_RBTREE"
10 NO_RBTREE_COL "at least one column needs an rbtree"
11 DUPLICATE_COL_NAME "column name given twice"
12 BAD_STORAGE_SIZE "invalid storage size"
13 NO_COMPARE_FUNC "missing compare function"
14 BAD_DATA_SIZE "wrong data size for fixed-size column"
15 NOT_MAPPED "file not mapped"
16 ALREADY_MAPPED "file already mapped"
17 BAD_SIZE "invalid size specified"
18 TRUNC "failed to truncate file"
19 BAD_TABLE "table not open"
20 BAD_TABLE_DESC "invalid table description"
21 RB_KEY_EXISTS "key already exists in rbtree"
22 RB_KEY_NOT_FOUND "key not found in rbtree"
23 BAD_ROW_NUM "invalid row number"
24 INDEX_CORRUPTION "index corruption detected"
25 INVALID_OBJECT "reference to invalid object"
26 LSEEK "lseek error"
27 BUSY "table is busy"
28 SHORT_TABLE "table too short"
29 NO_MAGIC "missing table header magic"
30 VERSION_MISMATCH "table version not supported"
31 BAD_COLUMN_NUM "invalid column number"
32 BAD_TABLE_FLAGS "invalid flags in table description"
33 BAD_ROW "invalid row"
34 EMPTY "file empty"
35 MMAP "mmap error"
36 LOOP "loop terminated"