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[osl.git] / fsck.c
2019-06-03 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/lopsub'
2017-04-11 Andre NollConvert oslfsck to lopsub.
2015-02-18 Andre NollSilence a gcc warning.
2014-08-19 Andre NollUpdate URLs and email addresses.
2009-08-02 Andre NollThe fsck program is called oslfsck rather than osl_fsck.
2009-07-21 Andre Nollfsck.c: Make a couple of functions static.
2009-07-13 Andre NollImplement --dry-run option for fsck.
2009-07-13 Andre NollFix a gcc warning on x86_64.
2009-07-12 Andre NollChange copyright year to 2009.
2009-07-12 Andre NollSimplify check_index_ranges().
2009-07-11 Andre Nollfsck: Add some more log messages.
2009-07-11 Andre Nollfsck: Fix a serious bug in prune_mapped_column().
2009-07-11 Andre Nollfsck: Overwrite the backup index file if it exists.
2009-07-10 Andre NollFix stale comment.
2009-07-06 Andre NollRemove remaining references to paraslash.
2009-06-11 Andre NollKill error.h.
2009-06-11 Andre NollKill all users of is_errno().
2009-06-11 Andre NollKill all remaining users of ERRNO_TO_ERROR().
2008-06-20 Andre NollGet rid of E_INVALID_OBJECT.
2008-06-06 Andre NollChange type of struct osl_table_description->flags...
2008-06-06 Andre NollRename fd.[ch] to util.[ch].
2008-06-06 Andre NollMove and rename para_opendir().
2008-06-06 Andre NollInline para_fchdir(), move it to fsck.c and rename it.
2008-06-06 Andre NollRename para_truncate() to truncate_file().
2008-06-06 Andre Nollfsck: Rename para_malloc() and friends.
2008-06-06 Andre Nollfsck: --database-dir is required, no need to set defaults.
2008-06-06 Andre NollRename base_dir to database-dir and check in fsck.ggo.
2008-06-05 Andre Nollfsck cleanups.
2008-06-05 Andre NollSet loglevel and use fsck_cmdline_parser_ext().
2008-06-05 Andre NollRemove para_log() from fsck.c.
2008-06-05 Andre NollFix fsck error codes.
2008-06-05 Andre NollAdd oslfsck.