2008-03-31 Andre NollExport sched_shutdown().
2008-03-31 Andre Nollsched.c: Add checks for empty lists.
2008-03-31 Andre Nollaudiod.c: Fix stat task restarting.
2008-03-31 Andre Nollungegister_task(): Set task error value to -E_TASK_KILLED.
2008-03-30 Andre NollSimplify the scheduling code.
2008-03-30 Andre NollAdd documentation for the loglevel argument of para_server.
2008-03-30 Andre NollIncrease aggressiveness of the compress filter.
2008-03-29 Andre NollFix lsatt command.
2008-03-25 Andre NollFix afs signal handling.
2008-03-25 Andre NollUpdate doxygen documentation.
2008-03-24 Andre NollComplete the afs callback conversion.
2008-03-24 Andre NollIntroduce pass_object_as_shm().
2008-03-24 Andre Nollmake send_callback_request() and friends take a result...
2008-03-19 Andre NollFix use of uninitialized afhi->header_len.
2008-03-17 Andre NollFix compilation of para_fade in certain cases.
2008-03-17 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/meins/master'
2008-03-17 Andre Nollfsck.c: Fix typo.
2008-03-17 Andre Nollsignal.c: Cosmetics.
2008-03-17 Andre NollKill unused error code SIGNAL_READ.
2008-03-17 Andre NollFix para_next_signal().
2008-03-16 Andre NollLet the daemon option depend on the logfile option.
2008-03-16 Andre NollMore detailed and much nicer para_server man page.
2008-03-15 Andre Nollafh.c: Use write_all() instead of write().
2008-03-15 Andre NollMove write_all() from net.c to fd.c.
2008-03-15 Andre Nollnet.c: Rename sendall() to write_all().
2008-03-15 Andre NollImplement streaming mode for para_afh.
2008-03-15 Andre NollMove the get_chunk and the get_header functions from...
2008-03-14 Andre NollAdd missing files for para_afh.
2008-03-14 Andre NollMerge commit 'remotes/meins/master'
2008-03-14 Andre NollAdd para_afh to web pages.
2008-03-13 Andre NollGet rid of E_BAD_AUDIO_FILE_SUFFIX.
2008-03-13 Andre NollImplement para_afh: The stand-alone audio file handler.
2008-03-13 Andre Nollaft.c: Move definition of "buf" down a bit.
2008-03-13 Andre Nollosl.c: Simplify comment.
2008-03-13 Andre Nollafs.c: Cosmetic comment cleanup.
2008-03-13 Andre para_audiod is optional.
2008-03-13 Andre NollFix documentation of select command.
2008-03-12 Andre NollAdd new ls option: -lc to print out the chunk table.
2008-02-23 Andre Nollnew codename, reset version to git
2008-02-23 Andre Nollthe paraslash-0.3.1 release tarball
2008-02-23 Andre Nollparaslash 0.3.1 v0.3.1
2008-02-23 Andre Nollpara.h: Change copyright year to 2008.
2008-02-18 Andre NollFEATURES: Fix a typo and use uniform capitalization...
2008-02-18 Andre NollNEWS update.
2008-02-18 Andre Nollstring.c: Fix a typo.
2008-02-17 Andre Nollserver.c: Add missing newline in log message.
2008-02-17 Andre NollKill superfluous "%s" in log messages.
2008-02-17 Andre Nollosl_core: Fix some typos in documentation.
2008-02-17 Andre Nollserver.c: Clarify fatal log message.
2008-02-17 Andre Nolldaemon.c: Minor logging impreovments.
2008-02-17 Andre NollBe more careful in daemon_init().
2008-02-17 Andre Nollaudiod.c: Don't log to /dev/null.
2008-02-17 Andre NollAdd documentation of struct sender status.
2008-02-16 Andre Nollcom_touch(): Print a message if no audio files matched.
2008-02-16 Andre NollDoxify send_common.c.
2008-02-16 Andre NollSender code consolidation, on/off commands for the...
2008-02-13 Andre Nollacl.c: Trivial whitespace cleanups.
2008-02-11 Andre Nolluser_list: Fix doxygen \param.
2008-02-11 Andre Nollinit_random_seed(): Use para_open() to open /dev/urandom.
2008-02-11 Andre NollDoxyfile: Remove HAVE_MYSQL define.
2008-02-11 Andre NollRemove duplicate error code.
2008-02-10 Andre NollRemove para_mkstemp().
2008-02-10 Andre NollNEWS update.
2008-02-10 Andre NollSpeed up audiod_pre_select.
2008-02-10 Andre Nollcompress.c: Get rid of min_gain.
2008-02-10 Andre Nollstring.c: Documentation cleanups.
2008-02-10 Andre NollGet rid of E_MKSTEMP and E_FCHMOD.
2008-02-10 Andre NollSpeed up open_current_receiver().
2008-02-09 Andre Nollcompress_filter.ggo: Decrease block size from 16 to 15.
2008-02-09 Andre Nollcompress.c: Simplify volume adjusting code.
2008-02-09 Andre Nollcompress.c: Cosmetics.
2008-02-09 Andre Nolluser_list.c: Minor documentation impreovements.
2008-02-09 Andre Nollpopulate_user_list(): Do not abort if the rsa key of...
2008-02-09 Andre Nolluser_list.c: Simplify populate_user_list().
2008-02-09 Andre Nolluser_list.c: Fix documentation of populate_user_list().
2008-02-09 Andre Nollafs.c: Fix fd number in log output.
2008-02-09 Andre NollKill unused error code WRITE_OK.
2008-02-09 Andre Nollosl_core.h: Replace static inline by _static_inline_.
2008-02-09 Andre NollRemove gui_common.[ch].
2008-02-09 Andre NollMore trivial cleanups.
2008-02-09 Andre Nollerror.h: Kill two unused alsa error codes.
2008-02-09 Andre NollTrivial documentation cleanups.
2008-02-09 Andre NollFix a typo on the Documentation web page.
2008-02-09 Andre NollPrint codename in version info.
2008-02-09 Andre Nollnet.c: Fix error messages in makesock().
2008-02-06 Andre Nollalsa_write.c: Kill deprecated snd_pcm_sw_params_{get...
2008-02-04 Andre NollImplement access control for the dccp sender.
2008-02-04 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Minor post_select() cleanups.
2008-02-04 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Kill unused variable "i".
2008-02-04 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Fix a bug in http_post_select().
2008-02-04 Andre Nolldccp_send.c: Simplify dccp_info().
2008-02-04 Andre NollNEWS update.
2008-02-04 Andre Nolldccp_senc.d: No need to use static variable in dccp_info().
2008-02-04 Andre NollMake the http sender use the generic sender code.
2008-02-02 Andre NollIntoduce send_common.c and use it from the dccp sender.
2008-02-02 Andre Nollsend.h: Cosmetic cleanups.
2008-02-02 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Kill check_r member from struct http_client.
2008-02-02 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Never check the client fd for writability.
2008-02-02 Andre Nollhttp_send.c: Kill HTTP_SENT_OK_MSG.
2008-02-02 Andre Noll{http,dccp}_send.c: Kill unused variable "self".