descriptionparaslash - network audio streaming tools
ownerAndre Noll
last changeThu, 7 Jan 2021 23:55:13 +0000 (00:55 +0100)
9 days ago Andre Nollalsa_write: Avoid hung tasks. master
2021-01-01 Andre NollMerge branch 'refs/heads/t/fec'
2021-01-01 Andre Nollgui: Fix length of audio format field.
2021-01-01 Andre Nollaft: Avoid NULL pointer dereference.
2021-01-01 Andre Nollprebuffer: Bail out on bufffer tree errors.
2020-09-17 Andre NollReplace /* fallthrouth*/ by __attribute__ ((fallthrough));
2020-09-17 Andre Nollaft: Avoid invalid read.
2020-09-17 Andre Nollmp: Always set mp_context to NULL on errors.
2020-09-17 Andre Nollgui: Do not decode the pressed key multiple times.
2020-09-17 Andre Nollgui: Have km_keyname() return const.
2020-09-17 Andre Nollserver: Add --dccp-no-autostart.
2020-07-19 Andre Nollvss: Fix NULL pointer dereference in vss_del_fec_client().
2020-07-11 Andre Nollafs: Improve error diagnostics.
2020-07-11 Andre Nolldoc: Add missing \ref in crypt.h.
2020-07-11 Andre Nollcrypt_common: Constify hash pointers.
2020-07-11 Andre Nollvss: Rework fec client setup.
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