descriptionparaslash - network audio streaming tools
ownerAndre Noll
last changeThu, 1 Dec 2022 17:09:39 +0000 (18:09 +0100)
3 days ago Andre NollMerge topic branch t/openssl-3 into master master
10 days ago Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
10 days ago Andre Nollserver: Fix race condition in com_stat(). maint
10 days ago Andre Nollserver: Avoid deadlock in daemon_log().
13 days ago Andre Nollafs.h: Improve documentation of typedefs.
2022-11-20 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/afs-cleanups into master
2022-11-19 Andre Nollvss: Streamline and dedox documentation of vss_send().
2022-11-16 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/mixer into master
2022-11-14 Andre NollMerge branch 'maint'
2022-11-14 Andre NollMerge tags 'v0.5.9' and 'v0.6.4' into maint
2022-11-09 Andre NollDoxyfile: Remove GNUC definitions.
2022-11-08 Andre NollExclude status items and error list from doxygen.
2022-11-07 Andre NollMerge topic branch t/net into master
2022-10-29 Andre Nollopenssl: Switch to evp API for sha1 and sha256.
2022-10-29 Andre Nollopenssl: Deactivate openssl-3 warnings for now.
2022-10-24 Andre Nollgui: Allow for 4-digit image IDs on 80-character terminals.
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5 years ago v0.5.8 paraslash-0.5.8
5 years ago v0.6.0 paraslash-0.6.0
5 years ago v0.5.7 paraslash-0.5.7
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